FestivalNet.com: Music Festivals, Fine Art Fairs, Craft Shows, Marketplace for Arts and Crafts, and Festival Vendor Community.FestivalNet.com: Music Festivals, Fine Art Fairs, Craft Shows, Marketplace for Arts and Crafts, and Festival Vendor Community.
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About Us

FestivalNet® publishes the most extensive and comprehensive database of festivals and fairs in North America. We wrap this data around technologically current tools and resources relevant to the professional exhibiting artist, craftperson, musician, band, service provider, booking agent, vendor, promoter, and festival goer. FestivalNet is a leader in the festivals and special events industry. We generate over 900,000+ monthly visitors and publish detailed event data on 26,000+ festivals, art shows, art and craft shows, music festivals, and other events. The newly added FN Community and FN Marketplace greatly expand our reach and presence in this market.

Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, FestivalNet® is staffed by nine genuine individuals with a combined 50+ years of experience in the music business, the festival/art & craft market and data technology. Real people you can call and talk to on the phone! Most importantly, we provide our customers with personal and rapid attention in order to aid them in their quest for success in the festival market.

FestivalNet's Giving Tree ...reinvesting in a better world.
Here at FestivalNet, we believe that money is most valuable when it flows. We created the Giving Tree to help keep it flowing to the people and organizations that work so hard to make the world a better, more peaceful and compassionate place. Each month, we choose 2 organizations to receive a percentage of our gross revenues. So thank you for your support, your advertising and membership dollars that allow us to pass it on.

Learn more about our staff below. Read more here for the background story about FestivalNet. For further info, Contact our office, view our Privacy policy or visit our Press Page.

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Comprehensive Nationwide Detailed information for Professionals.
   Thousands of events throughout the U.S. updated and expanded daily.

Event Listings & Promotion Opportunities  for Festivals.
   We provide FREE listings and exposure for festivals and events.

Listings and Links for art, craft, festival, music biz Related Products.
   Other Resources related to the festival biz. Find Suppliers and Services
  plus list your product or service for FREE.

A Searchable Online Database with basic information on All our events.
   Our Basic Show Info Search is of particular interest to Festival Goers.

FestivalNet Staff

FestivalNet Staff
Kurt Irmiter
Partner Owner
Kurt Irmiter - Owner
When Kurt was about 10 years old, he met a man his Dad was purchasing a travel trailer from. For some reason Kurt found this man to be very interesting and liked something about him.  Later he asked his Dad what the man did, he said "he owns a couple of different businesses, he is a real entrepreneur." Kurt told his Dad, "That's what I want to be!"  Kurt's Mom & Dad told Kurt he could be whatever he wanted to be.  Fifty something years later after starting a lawn cutting business at 12, Kurt has owned: an entertainment booking agency, video taping service, festival food concession, college corner bar, ice cream/sandwich shop, web development & hosting company, and FestivalNet. Along the way he managed a movie theater, delivered news papers, pumped gas, picked peaches, sold news papers door to door, worked as an insurance claims adjuster, boarded horses, ran a ball park concession, managed his singer/comedian brother, Kier and managed a rock band... Currently Kurt is co-owner of FN and owner of BFDNet.net, (web hosting & development) and he is involved with a new non-profit Musicforhumanity.org. He has a BS in Financial Management from Clemson University and has 30+ years of experience in the festival business and the entertainment business. He is on a mission to revive the word "groovy", much to the amusement and sometimes embarrassment of his friends and wife.  He and Connie have lived in Asheville for 20 years.  Kurt plans to be an entrepreneur the rest of his life.
Connie Morris
Partner Owner
Connie Morris - Owner
Connie is co-owner of FestivalNet and the CFO of the company. She is a major animal enthusiast and passionate about animal welfare. She created and manages Lost Pets of Western NC, a free lost/found animal web site. Connie has lived in the Asheville area for 20 years with her husband and business partner, Kurt and their 2 cats. She has a degree in Urban Planning that she, thankfully hasn't used in a long time. She was in the special events business with Kurt for many years. She is an avid list-maker which keeps her from wandering around trying to remember what she was going to do next. She loves living in Asheville and is very grateful for the wonderful people (and animals) she has met here, especially the amazing team at FN. Her other fun past-times are planning special events and doing house renovations.
Julie Cochrane
Operations Manager
Julie Cochrane
Happily working with FestivalNet since 2004 when FestivalNet had a staff of five and a tiny office, Julie started out part time in customer service quickly realizing that Connie and Kurt are pretty much the best bosses in the world. Now as Operations Manger, Julie has her hands in most departments here at FN and loves the festival and events market. She attended Dreyfoos School of the Arts and University of Central Florida, backpacked Europe, studied in Madrid, exhibited photography in shows and competitions, performed with the Asheville Rebelles theater troupe and enjoys shooting live performance photography.
Event Database Management
Sara has been working for FestvalNet since 2006. She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, raising her award winning llamas, scuba dive trips to Aruba, and her sweet boxer Lola. Her favorite thing about working for FestivalNet is the people she works with.
Judith Richardson
Judith Richardson
For most of her career Judith has dealt in the visual arts. She has represented artists to the international level. Judith enjoys working in advertising because it enables her to work with diverse people across North America. She enjoys the give and take of working with clients in order to discover their individual advertising needs. Judith has developed a loyal customer base and approaches each prospect with a long-term relationship in mind.
Richard Cepas
Richard FNO
Richard was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and studied at Vilnius University. A computer programmer since the end of the last century, Richard has been programming for FestivalNet since 2005. In 2009 Richard moved to the US and is now a resident of Florida's Gulf Coast. We are happy to now have him in our time zone!
Jackie DeVore
Customer Service & Newsletter Editor
Jackie Robot
Jackie is an artist, a nerd-of-all trades, and is professionally friendly. She has a penchant for technology, art, fun events, and Batman. Jackie has experience organizing events, including a large-scale horror event in Asheville, NC. She also loves getting creative, taking on fun projects, and staying on top of the newest web-based features and applications. She currently resides in Savannah, Georgia with her bunnies and her drew.
Shawn Kilby
Event Research
Shawn Kilby - Research
Shawn started with FestivalNet.com in 1997. Those were the early days when the office was in the basement of Connie and Kurt's home. Shawn lived right around the corner from the office, so the morning commute could be done by bicycle. Still updating and researching for the FestivalNet database of fairs and festivals, Shawn otherwise can be found volunteering at her son Tanner's school, gardening, and camping.
Watch Dog
Lola the dog
Lola came onto Sara's life unexpectedly through circumstances that could not be ignored. She was a rescue that had been lost in the woods for an unknown period of time, only weighing 39 pounds when she was found. She was brought to Sara's attention by a friend that knew how much she loved Boxers and dearly missed her pet of 10 years Roxie. After a weekend trial stay it was clear that Lola was a keeper. She is now the baby of the family and runs freely in the pasture and swims in the creek as often as she can. She is a true country dog now.
Cada (aka Wild Thing)
Massage Therapist
Cada (aka Wild Thing) is always looking for adventure. Will settle for unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper if nothing more interesting comes along. Will chase anything you throw for as long as your arm holds out.
Ghost, Omar, & Ramona
Trouble Makers
Ghost, Omar, and Ramona are the fluffy bunnies that live in Jackie's office. They prefer to spend their time flopping, knocking things over, chewing on shoes, and begging for bunny treats. They are constantly causing mischief in the cutest way possible.
Lil' Richard
Lil Richard
Lil' Richard is a whirling, swirling, sprinting, little ball of Italian Greyhound dynamite. If he's not running or playing, he's sleeping...there is no inbetween! He may be "Italian" but you won't find him eating ravioli or driving Ferraris, he mostly spends his days trying to play with the sheep, going on truck rides, and pretty much being the epitome of "doggie velcro". Richard loves the country life!
Sola Kitty
Sola Kitty manages Julie's office by pushing the paper, waltzing on the keyboard, and warming the chairs. When she is not bird watching, you can find Sola dreaming of bird catching, or stretched out and sunning on the deck. This feline of festival affairs is a proud member of the FestivalNet fur babies!
In Loving Memory...
We said farewell to our little moon-eyed, zen kitty Rascal at the beginning of 2013. She was feline luke positive and had a wonderful, fun life for over 3 years.
McNulty left us all too soon, but had a happy bunny life while he was with us. He was always curious, and never steered away from adventure. He loved going outside to play in the grass, and he was the only bunny to cluck like a chicken. He is still missed by his life-mate, Omar.
Roxie the dog
Roxie was an avid believer in labor laws, so as not to break them, she only worked about two 15 minute shifts a day. Which included, patrolling the premises for any unknown beings to greet and searching for food that had been dropped. She then rested the other 7 1/2 hours. =) As you can tell in her picture she was laid back and always out for a good time. Her favorite things to do were playing frisbee, fetch, and being the welcome wagon wherever she was. Roxie, we miss you so much!
Smoothy the dog
Smoothy worked very hard at distracting the humans at the office and got paid in doggy treats. She loved coming to work and her tasks included napping, playing with her toys, running around and messing up the rugs, begging for lunch scraps, and making sure squirrels didn't get too close to the office. 

She was also a big activist for Connie's website Lost Pets of Western North Carolina. When she was not at work, her hobbies included creek-swimming, sitting on the front porch, following mom (Julie) around the house, walks around the block, snow-flake-catching, and tug o' war.  We'll miss you, Smoothy.

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