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"Newbe Here With Some Questions"

04/12/12 08:48:52
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Newbe Here With Some Questions
Hello all,

I'm a newbie to FnO and a newbie to craft shows. I make personalized retractable badge reels, keychains, jewelry and embellished girls flip flops and hair bows made with flatten bottle caps. I would love some suggestions and the in's and out's of doing craft shows and I will appreciate any advice.

07/03/12 00:50:18
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Re: Newbe Here With Some Questions
I am sorta new, but have been in the biz about three years know..I have found that many festivals/events organizations charge way to much for a spot..I have an Italian Ice and Ice cream novelties truck.I sell Italian ices but have also looked into and tried different ways of serving my ices.and Ice cream novelties...Items on my truck are no more then $2-$3.00..I have had to pay $250 AND UP for just a community event.Then on top of that have to get permits at $30-40 and then in some places even though my vehicle is inspected by our health department I have had it were the town holding the event has there inspectors come on my bus and inspect it and then charge $25.00 for that!! Then there's the electric..IF you need electric its been $50-75 which sometimes I do...I don't pay that much electric in a month!! I have to sell an awful lot of my items to even make back what I paid to go.This causes vendors to charge more for there items then they usually do JUST to try and make a profit.Then there's the insurance..Most of the time they request the events name and address to be added to your insurance for the day of the event.Some insurance companies charge to do that some don't.And you have to sign waivers that you except that they take no responsibility for anything. They also want you to be responsible for a certain amount of area around your vendor spot.When the festival is over it has to be cleaned up.I have been asked to come to one recently That was $250 FOR THE DAY then they want you to do all the above PLUS pay a deposit of $250. Some have it were if anything happens cancellation or what ever there is no return on your money.They may have a rain date but if you have another event scheduled yu loose that money .. I have been to vents where they say you are going to be the only one there selling what you are only to arrive and see others selling the same thing. I have finally learned that I ask alot of questions before I sign up for events and even cut out alot of the events I use to go to..I got tired of paying all that money for fees and breaking even or not even making what I put into it..So I just have been going to the more reasonably priced events.

08/14/12 10:28:15
Posts: 1
Re: Newbe Here With Some Questions
Great article... Just Great! Plenty of much needed information for Newbees such as myself. Thanks much!

08/14/12 15:22:47
Posts: 10
Re: Newbe Here With Some Questions
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