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Moroccan Argan Oil Raw Virgin Cold Pressed 90ml-2.3oz

This is an 2.3oz bottle of Raw organic Cosmetic grade Argan oil.

100% natural, rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids.
protects against skin aging, dry itchy skin and many skin diseases.
INGREDIENTS:100% Organic Raw Cosmetic Argan Oil

Please note this is for cosmetic use, and therefore is not roasted which means it has no smell. Argan for culinary use the nuts are roast over an open fire - much like chestnuts - giving the argan oil its distinctive nutty peppery flavor. If the argan oil is meant for cosmetic use, the nuts are not roasted.

Culinary vs Cosmetic Grade Argan Oil

Because culinary grade argan oil is meant to be consumed, the seed is roasted prior to oil extraction in order to produce a pleasant nutty aroma. Cosmetic grade argan oil is highly nutritious because of high antioxidant content in the form of vitamin E.

Cosmetic grade argan oil's popularity has seen some explosively growth in recent times. Even though we are just now becoming familiar with amazing qualities of argan oil, Moroccan women have benefited from using "liquid gold" for centuries. Much like the culinary grade, cosmetic grade is also high in vitamin E. Unlike the culinary grade, the cosmetic grade is unscented which makes it more pleasant to use externally. Cosmetic grade argan oils is extremely popular because of light texture and ability to change the look and feel of both the hair and the skin. Until now, was Morocco's best kept beauty secret.

Argan oil, a clear yellow liquid, which is rich in vit. E, antioxidants and carotenes. This oil is used in making soaps, lotions and other body and hair products, as well as for massage and skin care. Some major manufacturers use Argan oil for their anti-aging products because it is rich in skin-replenishing components, including flavanoids, oleic acid, linoleic acid and fatty acids. This is not a "new" oil, it's been available for a very long time but it's only
now making its way to our part of the world.

The Argan tree grows solely in the southwestern part of Morocco. The oil is obtained from the nut which looks like a cross between a walnut and an almond. It’s a labor-intensive process performed only by native women.

Apply directly to skin after bathing while skin is still moist, this is a wonderful and simple dry or mature skin treatment. Apply as a hair or scalp treatment. Soak nails in this oil to prevent nail or cuticle dryness. Argan oil is recommended for oily skin, eczema and psoriasis; however, use with care if you're prone to large pores
or acne as these may be exacerbated. Because it's so high in vit. E and phytosterols, this oil is also recommended for scars. Argan oil is commonly called "liquid gold" in Europe. Our Argan oil is refined to remove impurities and odors.

Country of origin: Morocco. Method of Extraction: Cold pressed (deodorized). Plant part: Nut. Botanical name: Argania spinosa. SAP value: 195.2. Store in a cool place away from light. INCI: Argania spinosa (Argan) oil.
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