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🍋 When Life Gives You Lemons...or, a Pandemic

- August 6, 2020
Make lemonade or… If you’re long-time member Bill Coleman, turn the World’s Biggest Bubble Toy into a Giant, Fun, Handwashing Station! For over fifteen years, folks at festivals, fairs and special events from Anchorage to Las Vegas, Aberdeen to Austin have enjoyed the World's Biggest Bubble Toy®. It’s fourteen feet high and solar powered!  “Really added to the party atmosphere!” --Arc Charities“Absolutely fabulous!” --Beaux Art Festival“The bubbles made people laugh 100 yards away!” --Dubuque County Fair But, then Covid-19 hit. Bill says, “When the pandemic started, I thought I should point out that the Bubble Tower fights the bug with a special blend of Dawn dish soap, is great fun and can deliver a safe hand washing message as well as give sponsor's an opportunity to ‘be the good guys’ in the fight to weather the pandemic storm.”  Bill will be setting up four of his

🌬️ Five Benefits of Conscious Breath Practice

- July 29, 2020
As you read this next bit take a moment to give your awareness to your breath. Breath has given you the opportunity to be here now. Breath is the gift that is granted us as living spirits. How wonderful is that? Something so simple as breath is taken for granted until that moment when we experience breath's importance to our life and longevity. As humans, manifested on earth in the cosmic form of a mammal, our breath connects us to the furthest reaches of the universe and down into the deepest depths of atomic particles. Being an ever curious and adventurous spirit eager to explore and learn, my body and mind have traveled the path of an athlete, both recreational and competitive, a musician of wind and drum instruments, a facilitator of clients in personal training-massage-meditation-hypnotherapy-sound healing, and journeyed through Western medicine and Eastern esoteric philosophies. What will be brought to you in the words that follow is my small strand of experiences and knowledge gathered from my journeys that threads through the tapestry of this wonderful woven globe that we live in. Shall we begin the journey together? “Breath springs from self” – Chandogya Upanishad 7.26.1 Our body is the magical universal instrument and we enjoy that beauty in voice, instrument, and movement. Let us look at five basic benefits of breath.   1: HEALTH

🐮 State & County Fairs: How the Show Must Go On, If It Can

- July 27, 2020
While so many fairs have folded for this year for reasons out of their control surrounding the pandemic, others have been able to reschedule, regroup, and reorganize to allow for new safety measures. Because state and county fairs are traditionally multifaceted with many different areas of entertainment and activities, they have the 'luxury' to keep components of their event while cutting out others. For most, this means no rides.For the folks who only go to the fair for the amusement rides, they might choose to skip their beloved fair this summer or fall, but for the people who participate in the agriculture and livestock contests, arts and crafts, and live entertainment, fairs can often take place in our luckier states that are reopening safely.The Kentucky State Fair won't let COVID keep it down.  Their plan to keep attendees safe is thorough, detailed, and carefully explained on their website. From wider, one-way aisles & reduced occupancy and added hand-washing stations to reduced hours to allow for thorough cleanings & increased outdoor areas, the Kentucky State Fair has adapted and evolved in these trying times.The Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, TN, who is limiting its event to livestock contests and shows, has also published a set of safety rules and also require atte

💡 Where there's a will (and helpful guidelines!) there's a way!

- July 27, 2020
While we know there are states going back to Phase 1 and there will be no real world events this summer, others are in better shape. Larimer County in Colorado released very helpful and succinct COVID-19 event guidelines so that Art in the Park in Loveland can happen! By the looks of a recent facebook post, the decision was quite last minute due to waiting on approval from the health department. As a result, it's not too late to apply to exhibit artwork at this fair, Colorado's longest running artisan event. Check out the rules and procedures to get an idea of the "new normal" in public gatherings in Colorado. Art in the Park will be running at 50% capacity. The gate attendance will be limited and a wait may occur. We will be posting live on Facebook: Loveland Art in the Park. Proper Face Covering will be mandatory at all times 6 ft social distancing at all times, small family groups are allowed. We encourage frequent hand sanitizing ASK to touch merchandise. Vendor will assist you. There will be mandatory contract tracing at the gate. This is your name and phone number to be submitted to the Larimer County Health Department if there is a outbreak of the virus. We are wishing the artists and attendees a wonderful show.Where and WhenAugust 8th & 9th 2020North Lake Park2750 N. Taft Ave.Loveland, ColoradoSaturday 10am-5pm | Sunday 10am-4pm

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