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Kurt Irmiter


Kurt Irmiter, Englewood, FL

Doctors Beating Covid

by Kurt Irmiter, posted 10/16/20 13:55:06   category » Beating Covid
  • There are multiple treatments doctors are using.
  • But they are being suppressed and censored by mainstream.

Hi Everyone,

I have been researching Covid treatments for about 4 months and I'm convinced we are not getting the truth. There are multiple effective treatments that are being suppressed & censored in favor of waiting for a vaccine. Even though in all prior corona virus outbreaks, there has never been a successful & safe vaccine. I am passing along the information I have discovered. If nothing else you might want to keep this as reference, in case you or someone you know gets the virus. I hope it will also potentially help reduce everyone's fear.

If your doctor or medical professional says there is nothing you can do, you can at least consider and ask them to consider these options or seek out other opinions.

- As a preventive AND if you get it, Boost the immune system with dietary supplements (like vitamins A, C, D, iodine, zinc), sunshine, a healthy diet and exercise.

- Use nebulized hydrogen peroxide as soon as symptoms appear. (Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Thomas Levy , Dr. Mercola & Dr. Brownstein discussion/article)

- High does oral Vitamin C up to 1,000 mg every hour. (Dr. Brownstein study).

- Also using Vitamin C IV reported by Doctors worldwide. (Dr. Brownstein study, article in Infectious Disease Special Edition quarterly, China study reported by Dr. Richard Cheng).

- Also doctors are having success with Medical Ozone. (Dr. Brownstein study, Hospital in Madrid Spain & the same IDSE quarterly article above)

- The use of blood plasma from recovered patients was recently given Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.

- The use of hydroxychloroquine + zinc has been widely debated. My research indicates it does work if used early and with zinc, as shown in the Much of the mainstream info out there used to discredit it, is not about that specific use, as explained in the Newsweek article by Dr. Risch.

- A treatment using nebulized/inhaled Budesonide, discovered by Dr. Richard Bartlett. Visit

- A hospital protocol called MATH+ developed by a group of critical care doctors called the "Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance". Their protocol includes ascorbic acid IV, vitamin D & Zinc.

The Dr Brownstein study was 107 cases all cured, no deaths! For the hospital in Spain they cleared the whole Covid floor in 10 days using ozonized saline solution. No deaths! I personally feel that hiding in our houses and behind masks, while waiting for a questionable vaccine and doing nothing else, is an incomplete strategy. Every other virus for hundreds of years has been handled via our immune systems. Bill Maher has an excellent & funny comment on that here.

Please share and forward this to others. Wishing you all well and good health!

Cheers, Kurt

P.S. You won't find most of this in mainstream media and will likely find so called fact checkers trying to dispute/discredit some of it. I won't get into what I believe is driving that, but from my many hours of research, I feel certain all of the above should be mainstream news and IMO, it's a crime against humanity that it is not!


by juliebird, posted 10/19/20 16:32:30

Incredible List of resources and information, thank you Kurt!

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Change Course on Covid, it's not Red or Blue!

by Kurt Irmiter, posted 08/04/20 09:06:51   category » Covid-19
Lets come together, get the politics out of the discussion and map a new path forward. This virus is not Red or Blue, it doesn't care about your politics or your perspective. This is our #1 top most pressing issue, above the election, racial issues, the economy, global warming and anything else you can think of. Lets get cracking on fixing this right now!

Change Course On Covid NOW

Stop just waiting for a vaccine, while doing nothing else!. There are better options to solving this crisis beyond staying locked in our houses, waiting for a vaccine.

We the undersigned believe the USA is currently on the wrong path fighting Covid-19. There are proactive measures that our public officials are not promoting and educating the public about. Continuing to mandate extreme social distancing, masking, and school and business closings while depending solely on a possible vaccine is a bad strategy and is causing more harm than the virus itself. We need to change course!

We, a non-partisan group of American citizens concerned about our future. We demand that our elected and appointed officials implement the following immediately:

- Promote and explain the benefits of a healthy and fortified immune system in beating Covid-19.
- Educate the public on how to boost the immune system with dietary supplements, diet and exercise.
- Stop the suppression of information on successful treatments such as antibody-rich blood plasma, Vitamin C IV, medical ozone, nebulized hydrogen peroxide and hydroxychloroquine + zinc.
- Widely disseminate information about ALL treatments attested by medical doctors who have achieved success.
- Stop suppressing and censoring Doctors from sharing their successful methods used in treating Covid-19.
- Correct the inaccuracies in reporting of Covid-19 deaths.
- Eliminate all financial incentive to inflate Covid-19 death statistics.
- Facilitate separation of the elderly and those at higher risk from the general population.
- Return all students to school as the young are not at risk.
- Allow all businesses to open and operate as they and their clientele see fit.
- Use government resources to gather facts and educate, not to mandate behavior.
- Encourage a return to normal life and an end to hysteria and fear!

Continuing to assume we will be saved and all will be well if and when a vaccine is developed is an incomplete strategy and is proving to be a losing proposition. Implementing the above steps will help us start returning to normal NOW!

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A little history about

by Kurt Irmiter, posted 09/05/14 11:15:25   category » FestivalNet

People sometimes ask about the history of FestivalNet, so here is a little background. Connie and I had been doing shows for many years and we always felt frustrated with the available sources for show info, and how bad they all were. I was also in the entertainment business at that time, so we needed detailed information for exhibitors as well as for musicians/bands. Out of necessity, we started developing our own database of events with all of the details important to us, as we went about booking our calendars each year.

When we realized we had a database of 2,000+ events, we decided to offer it to others!  We initially tried a printed quarterly directory, but when computer connectivity started emerging (this was back in the pre AOL days & pre Internet/Netscape!), we knew that could be a fantastic way to go. Festival details change frequently so printed info was always dated the day you got it, and becomes more so with every passing day. Initially I tried a BBS in the early 90s, which did not go very well, but I learned a lot!

I have always been a "seat of the pants" (do it myself) kind of entrepreneur so in 1996, I figured out how to build a web site.  The first version was pretty basic, offering our detailed festival info as a PDF download. I continued to learn web development and Connie continued to build the database, taking it from 2,000 to 10,000 shows all on her own! I also realized I needed to hire some skilled programmers in order to capture the real opportunity the emerging Internet offered.

With a little help and a lot of late nights in front of the computer, in 2001 we became the first online source to offer real-time online access for both the festivals (who could add/update and publicize their events) and the exhibitors, vendors, artists, crafters and musicians, who wanted access to this kind of detailed event info.  And they could now get it instantly! In the past, we were always dealing with printed info you got in the mail. For those of us working in the festival market at that time, to have detailed show information available in real-time, as soon as the promoters did their updates, that was a pretty cool thing! As a result we grew very quickly over the next few years.

We finally were able to start hiring some help which is when things really took off. Over the years we have had many wonderful individuals contribute to FestivalNet, but the current FNO crew is our best ever! They are the real reason we are such a great company today! I'm proud of what we have accomplished, becoming the top North American festival and event resource for Pros in this industry, as well as a fantastic guide for Festival Goers seeking events right down the road or half way across the country.

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Who Does That, The Most Amazing Man I Know

by Kurt Irmiter, posted 07/22/17 22:30:18   category » FestivalNet

I've been at the Salem Rd. house in Weaverville, NC making a few improvements toward putting it out there as a vacation rental. One of the items on my punch list is installing bead board in the stairwell going to the basement.

As I'm ready to add the next board that runs across the point in the wall where the light switch is, I realize this will require the saber saw for the cut. I grab the saw along with the pouch of blades. I go about my business selecting a blade, making my cut and prepping the board for install. Just before I head to the stairwell, board in hand to nail it up, I stop to appreciate, actually gaze is more accurate, at the saber saw blade pouch. Understand this is something I've pulled out dozens of times to select a blade, but never paused to appreciate it, like today. It's Dear Ol Dad's saber saw pouch, he gave it to me years ago, along with many of his tools when he cleared out his shop in a downsizing move.

I suddenly realize just how special & unique this pouch is. I'm pretty sure No One else has one anything like it.

It's made of cloth, an original design, colorful and stitched together in a way that only a textile engineer might do. Well, one who also happens to be creative, imaginative, smart, fun, organized, honest, loving, has a sense of humor and is, all around, just a really great guy! So as I stop to appreciate this gem of an item I'm so lucky to have in my tool chest, I smile and say out loud "who does that", who has something like this as part of their shop tools? My Dad that's who! How fortunate am I to have a Dad like that.


by juliebird, posted 09/14/17 15:50:23

Love this post, thank you so much for sharing this story. What a great Dad!

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