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Brad Rieman - Fiction Author, Louisville, KY

Brad Rieman,

member since: 07/12/2011
USA: Louisville, Kentucky (KY)
Phone: (502) 968-8874

I am an Author, I write Horror/Fiction (i.e. Stephen King), I have two novels; THE MELTING - my Vengeance of the Dead Story. And, TROPAES - What I call The Fictional Biography of a Warlock.



    I have written 23 Short Stories, 7 Screenplays, and 2 Novels.


‘THE SIDESHOW,’ was my first short story accepted for publication by GRIMOIRE magazine.

While another short story, ‘BRANDI AND THE TRENCH COAT MAN,’ was adapted to a screenplay by Film Maker Josh Allen and became the short film entitled: ‘EVIL WITHIN.’  It has since been taken to various Film Festivals from Louisville, Kentucky to Los Angeles, California.

   One Screenplay; a Romantic Comedy called, ‘FIRES OF EVA’ has been optioned to 'S Entertainment' in Canada - The film company that produced the movie ‘PUMP UP THE VOLUME’ Starring Christian Slater.

   Another Screenplay, a Comedy called, ‘SÉANCE’ was Quarter Finalist in the 2002 'Next Success Writing Contest' in Hollywood, CA.  Actress Kathy Najimy has read this script and expressed strong interest in portraying the character ‘Rebecca Spritz’ once a Director has signed on to it.


Other scripts include:


An Action/Suspense/Thriller, ‘WASTELAND STALKERS.’

An Action/Adventure/Thriller, ‘LEAVING BABYLON.’

And a Horror/Drama, ‘DEADLOCK.’


   My first Novel,  ‘THE MELTING’ is a Horror story stemming from Vengeance of the Dead. This is a truly original first novel and has been endorsed by Horror veteran ANNE RICE in her statement:

    “Brad, Congratulations and all blessings on The Melting. You know the secret; it’s courage. We need you and your work.”


   My second Novel, The Fictional Biography of a Warlock called,  ‘TROPAES’ is also now available. This is the story of a man born in 1822 with certain metaphysical powers that develop with each year of his life. By his 28th birthday, he has acquired full power and ceases to age from that moment on. This story spans his lifetime up to the year 2005.


I am currently at work on my third Novel; a story of deceit and mystery called “DAMEN BRIAR.”


READERS FAVORITE BOOK REVIEW was quoted in saying: “Brad Rieman’s THE MELTING leads the readers in many directions, with twists and plots that keep the readers interest. Like Stephen King’s books of horror, the reader has no idea where the plot is going and yet cannot stop reading.

   The Melting is an over the top journey into the unknown. While Rieman is not at the top of the genre yet, Stephen King may want to watch out.

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