» Solar System Slide

The Solar System Slide



I.               Planets and stars all around….

The heavens above can hear the sound

From all the curious children below


What’s that glow? What’s that place?

And how big is outer space?

Won’t you please tell us what we want to know


II.             Can I go?  Should I stay?

Are planets really that far away?

And tell me what is the Big Dipper for?


So many things you will find

So lets get ready to use out mind

And we’ll go on a trip that’s far away


     Chorus. It’s our Solar System lighting our way in the sky

                   It’s our Solar System just waiting for you and I


     III.         The asteroid belt….does it hold up pants?

                   Is Pluto anywhere near France?

                   Can I really eat a Milky Way?


                   Are meteors really made of meat?

                   If that’s true I think it’s neat

                   To all these questions this is what I say




      IV.        Jupiter and Mars are over here

                   The rings of Saturn look so clear

                   Tell me more about a comets tail

                   Mercury it’s not a car

                   Venus shines like a star

                   Know there facts and you’ll never fail..