» Yo Mercury!

                                   Yo Mercury!

       I.               My name is Mercury you know I’m hot


Real close to the sun – got the #1 spot

I may be small but I get it done

46 million miles away from the sun


Chorus.      Go Mercury Merc-Mercury  2X


II.             One side of me is sizzling hot

The other side is really cold a lot

The temperature ranges from hot to cool

So to visit this planet you’d be a fool


III.           From 800 to minus 290 Degrees

That’s so cold it could make you sneeze

If you think I’m talking trash well you

                 Know I’m right

Because those degree’s are in Fahrenheit


IV.           Even though I’m small I’ve got density

Cause long ago planets smashed into me

My atmosphere is extremely thin

Made mostly of sodium and Potassium

I revolve around the sun in 88 days

Plenty of time to get some rays

My dark colored surface is not that bright

I’m a poor reflector of sunlight

(Ain’t that a kick so close to the sun)