» Jumpin' Jive Jupiter

                               Jumpin’ Jive Jupiter

        I.               Asteroids may come and comets may go


But there’s one thing you ought to know

I’m as big as big can be

Cause I’ve got this thing called density..yeah


II.                Fifth planet from the sun, the largest around

I’m all different colors, from pastels to brown

I’m made up of gasses and other smelly things

And I’ve got these clouds instead of rings


Chorus:      I don’t care what other planets got…

                   Cause when they try to show me up I just show them           my Great Red Spot..yeah!



III.           I can be cold with my temperatures down,

            To way below zero, it could make you frown

I’ve got so many moons I don’t know they’re called

Well what do you expect, there ‘s 63 in all



IV.           So now you know what I’m all about

And when you leave there must be no doubt

From all the things written in the verse…

I’m the number one planet in the universe..