» You're the Reason

You’re the Reason (feat. Verlon Thompson, guitar)

You are the reason my heart feels warm at night.
You turn the lights out and lie down by my side.
If I hadn’t seen your eyes or felt your heart so close to mine,
I wouldn’t know that love is kind you’re the reason.

My friend and lover you turned my life around.
You are the reason I can laugh so loud.
I’ve wondered who I’d be, If you weren’t a part of me.
I know the joy that love can be. You’re the reason.

My success sometimes elusive
With all of my excuses. I’ve felt hopeless
But the truth is, that never once included
Our ever-growing love so right
That lifts my heart, and warms Soul each night.
I’ve won in love and in life.  You’re the reason.
You are the reason, I know my love won’t die
Cause when I leave here I’m standing by your side
The last time I close my eyes. My last breath and my last sigh    
The last time we say goodbye   I’ll know why I was Alive, 
You’re the reason.




Written and Recorded by Ellen Edwards c 2017