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Drive Profitability

by fnoadmin, posted 07/17/19 10:51:01

Boosting Your Food Truck's Menu Profitability
By Richard Myrick for Mobile Cuisine 

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Your menu's pricing is the most important factor in determining profitability. It's what generates 100% of the revenue for most food vendors. So, it's critical that you invest time in developing a definitive strategy to build menu profitability.

Gather data

The first step is to know your current menu offerings: how many of which items you're selling, at what time and what location. Use point-of-sale data to understand demand for items and how the product's volume compares to its overall profitability.

Know your costs

Not all of the items on your menu are created equal... in profitability. Unless you know exactly what you're paying for each dish, you won't really know your money-makers, which items you should suggest more often, the items on which you should raise prices, or which items you might consider dropping altogether. A good first step in figuring out your real costs is to update your inventory list with accurate, current prices.

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6 Steps to Selling Art

by fnoadmin, posted 07/17/19 09:26:57

6 Steps to Selling Art Without Ever Selling Out
By Jessica Serran for Empty Easel

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The trap comes when we get caught up thinking: “I’m not ready,” (because hello, we’re never actually ready) or “I don’t have a shopping cart set up” (hello perfectionism!) or, “No one is going to buy my art.”

The truth is that you don’t need to have or to know these things, yet. What you do need is this: exactly what you already have, right now, at your disposal. That, and a burning desire to sell some art.

image via jessica serran

Step 1: No is not an option

This is about owning your desire, making it a burning one, and committing to it. You have to decide that you refuse to take no for an answer. Period. “I am selling my art. I am manifesting $2000 this month. I am moving into the apartment of my dreams. Period.” This energy is the stuff of miracles.

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by gaia60, posted 07/17/19 15:30:29

I'm manifesting 500 this month. I am placing my work on IG, my website, and Etsy. I wonder if you have other outlets you might recommend?

by 7771, posted 07/17/19 13:01:03

Friends.... it’s awesome to read your inspirational writing... thank you so much for sharing your experience & your thoughts... it’s fantastic... but but but ....
Every individual is different & & & ... every circumstances are different & every way of working is different from individual to individual... thereby the temperament of every individual is different from one another...
If you ask me ... then let me tell you ..,I work in my own way ...& I have always got brilliant results...
Only thing I believe is that there should be some sensible efforts to do something good... I do my part & rest god helps me...
My opinion about business is not just money oriented... but to bring back the glorious days of my dad’s businesses too ...
In India... most women usually spend their lives doing just the household chores... but Iam not the same.
Iam waiting for my own money from a bank which I will get soon.
Thanks for your concern & your efforts in trying to help me ...once again thank you so much for your concern.

by hayestrent, posted 07/17/19 12:33:08

Thank you for this article! Your six points are right in line with my beliefs, especially when you say, "act as if it was already done". Keeping the faith when we don't see results is the hardest, yet most important step.
Linda Hayes-Trent

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Utilize Direct Marketing To Grow Your Audience

by fnoadmin, posted 07/16/19 16:08:35

From 150 To 500,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners Without Playlists
By Ari Herstand for Ari's Take
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Three years ago the northern Virginia conscious hip hop artist, Lucidious, was struggling to get listeners to his music. He had about 150 monthly listeners on Spotify (no I didn’t forget a zero) with merely 45 followers, about 1,500 followers on Instagram and Facebook. And was making less than $100 a month from his music.

Today, he has 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify (no my finger didn’t get stuck on the zero key), over 50,000 followers on Spotify, 245,000 Likes on Facebook, 100,000 followers on Instagram, he’s getting around 5 million streams a month, has over 100 million total streams across all platforms and is making around $20,000 a month just from his recorded music. 

image courtesy ari's take

So how did he do this?

He utilized direct marketing strategies on Facebook and Instagram to find his audience and get them into his world. Specifically, he mastered the Facebook Business and Ads Manager and ran all different kinds of video ads targeting fans of similar artists.

They came pouring into his world and eventually he was getting fans to click his ads at around $.02 per click - putting every marketing expert to shame. Spending about $10 a day, he was pulling in around 500 new fans per day. And because his music is great and his Instagram is engaging, these people who started off as passive observers turned into die hard fans.

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Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions

by fnoadmin, posted 07/16/19 11:00:05
Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions
Hello FestivalNet member,

This is your weekly update of Calls for Artists & recently added, updated or canceled events.

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Events that were recently canceled:
Cajun Fest - Orange Beach, AL - 10 12-10 12 2019
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Gem Faire / Eureka - Eureka, CA - 11 22-11 24 2019
International Gifts & Crafts Show - Fiesta Henderson - Henderson, NV - 07 19-07 21 2019
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Best of success with your work!

The FestivalNet Staff


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