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Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions

by fnoadmin, posted 09/25/18 11:00:04
Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions
Hello FestivalNet member,

This is your weekly update of Calls for Artists & recently added, updated or canceled events.

To View Events in Your State or sort by Date or Deadline, go to:
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Calls for Artists
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Events that were recently canceled:
Missouri River Bluegrass Music Festival - Center, ND - 06 14-06 15 2019
October Family Fun Festival - Windsor Locks, CT - 10 07-10 07 2018

Events that were recently put on hold for this year:
Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Yard and Craft Sale - Waldorf, MD - 09 15-09 15 2018
Renaissance Festival - Mill Spring, NC - 11 17-11 17 2018
Apple Blossom Mall Spring Home and Garden Show - Winchester, VA - 09 27-09 29 2019

Best of success with your work!

The FestivalNet Staff


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Shift Your Event Into Overdrive

by fnoadmin, posted 09/20/18 16:13:29

Shift Your Event Into Overdrive by becoming a Featured Event!
By Julie Cochrane for FestivalNet.com

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We love that it's free for promoters to add events to our database! It's what allows us to offer the largest resource for North American events, anywhere.

image via matthew miner

To take full advantage of ALL of our 1.3 million + monthly visitors, we offer another event status that lets you reach more of our visitors and more of our members. You can't afford to not take advantage of this, because well, it's MAD-affordable!

Allow me to deliver the lowdown: On our homepage is a map of our great country. Click on your state & you will see all the FEATURED events in your area. EVERYONE has access to these events, not just our members.

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How To Make YouTube Work For You

by fnoadmin, posted 09/20/18 13:52:45

YouTube – How To Make It Work For You
By NationWide Source

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First, the bad news: You won't make any livable wage monetizing YouTube videos until you start raking in views in the hundreds of millions. So that's the bummer. But, the good news is that you don't have to rely solely on monetization to make YouTube work for you. There are lots of examples of bands and artists who have used streaming video to get their names out there and launch their careers onto other more lucrative platforms. Here are a few ways to yield desirable results from YouTube.

Make no mistake. Gathering subscribers is important. Create your channel, make delightful viewing material and call your viewers to action by encouraging them to subscribe. (Just don't expect to make noticeable amounts of money directly from YouTube doing this.) You have to say the words too. Here's why: In most cases, people hear about a great video. They go watch the video. They move on with their day. The end. Don't let this be your viewers. At the end of your video, thank them for watching and then say, "subscribe!" It's that simple. You could add a please for good measure. Or confetti. Just make sure to say the words!

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Get Comfortable!

by fnoadmin, posted 09/19/18 14:34:02

How to Get Comfortable Talking About Your Art at Art Fairs
By Belinda Del Pesco

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Being prepared before presenting your art to the public is what makes art shows mangeable and fun to attend. I've got some tips to help you prepare for exhibiting and talking about your art at a show. Grab a notepad and let's dig in!

1. Prepare for common questions

Grab a beverage and write (writing vs typing helps you retain information) brief, friendly answers in your notepad to questions that might be asked.

image via eddie howell

• How did you make this?
• Is there a story behind this painting?
• How long did it take you to paint this?
• Can I get this with a different frame?
• What's the difference between printmaking and a print I'd buy at Target?
• Do you have a website where I can look at more, or buy something online?

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