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Better Management Skills for Your Food Business

by fnoadmin, posted 11/16/17 19:20:58
November 2017

Five Ways to Build Your Staff Management Skills for a More Profitable Food Concession Business
by Barb Fitzgerald for Foodbooth.net

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Many food concessionaires feel that hiring and managing good help is one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of managing a food concession business. It is also one of the most important.

Working in a food concession is not rocket science. Yet, as a manager, hiring the right people with the right qualities to help your business run smoothly and profitably is often harder than you'd expect. Fortunately, with the right policies you can improve your staff for a more profitable food concession business.

1. Hire the Right People. Successfully staffing your concession business starts with finding and hiring the right people for the job. Honesty and reliability are the first qualities we look for in a concession worker. A worker who also learns quickly and can multi-task is much better. If they are also friendly, outgoing, and energetic they are ideal. Perhaps, equally important; because the success of a food concession business depends on maximizing production during peak times, so a worker must be able to work quickly and competently, while confidently managing hordes of impatient, hungry customers.

2. Be Honest with Your Staff. Be honest and straight-forward with your staff. Articulate your specific expectations and possible reasons for termination. By initiating an honest, fair-minded, and team-oriented policy from the outset, the incentive for dishonesty may be eliminated.

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by belai123, posted 11/18/17 11:02:13

Staffing is the most difficult aspect of my vending business. Living in So. Cal and running a successful food stand has many rewards however, here in my area, finding individuals who carry the same work ethics as I do has been very difficult. I struggle every day, trying to find individuals to work and keep up with my busy food stand.

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Should You Quit Your Day Job?

by fnoadmin, posted 10/25/17 15:28:09

Should You Quit Your Day Job?
by Carolyn Edlund

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Several people lately have asked my opinion of simply quitting their day jobs and going solo as an artist. I'm self-employed myself, and owned a studio for over twenty years, so I'm a big fan of the independence and satisfaction of being a business owner. But it's not for everyone.

It partly depends on your personality. Does facing a challenge, like coming up with next month's rent through sales of your work, energize and motivate you? Or does it throw you into sudden panic and possibly an anxiety attack? Only you can tell what your comfort level is here. But, you can overcome some of the stress by putting a plan into place that works on multiple levels to bring in the income you will need when you quit that day job.

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What Happens When Food Carts Close in the Winter?

by fnoadmin, posted 10/19/17 14:14:12

What Happens When Food Carts Close in the Winter?
by Barb Fitzgerald

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Recently, as I drove through Portland Oregon, I passed several food carts that were closed for winter. It got me wondering what the operators of these carts do for income while they wait for better weather to re-open in the spring. It also makes me wonder why these people chose to open a food cart rather than sell seasonally at special events with a food concession. I assume the need for a full-time income is the main reason. But, if a food cart is forced to close for lack of sales, what is the advantage of having a food cart? Do they prefer to sell from a stationary location, regardless, rather than set-up at temporary events? Or, are there other reasons?



I suspect that many food cart operators want a full-time income but didn't know in advance of opening how well they would do month-by-month. It is no small thing to design a food cart and menu, become licensed, and commit to a location. And, it is not until the cart has been open through the seasons that they learn if their location and menu will produce a steady income. At that point, if their location doesn't sustain adequate sales, it is difficult and expensive to move a food cart to a better location.

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Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions

by fnoadmin, posted 12/05/17 11:00:04
Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions
Hello FestivalNet member,

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Events that were recently canceled:
Seaboard Festival Day - Hamlet, NC - 10 28-10 28 2017
Holiday Gift Show - Southtown Center - Bloomington, MN - 12 08-12 10 2017
Holiday Gift Show With Santa - Southtown Center - Bloomington, MN - 12 15-12 17 2017
Holiday Gift Show/Southtown Center - Bloomington, MN - 12 22-12 26 2017

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United Craftsman Craft and Fine Art Show - Sarasota, FL - 01 13-01 14 2018

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