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posted 10/18/22 13:55:38   category » Artist Resources

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How to Grow Your Creative Business From a Side Hustle

posted 09/15/22 16:22:49   category » Artist Resources
How to Grow Your Creative Business From a Side Hustle

If you’re a part-time artist or crafter that wants to expand your side hustle into a full-scale business venture, look no further! Though there’s nothing wrong with leaving your craft as a passion and not monetizing it, there are certainly ways to get your work out in the world on a larger scale. Here are some of our best tips for getting exposure and scaling your business.

Find the Right Digital Space to Sell

Depending on your art medium or creative venture, the platform online that you sell your products on may be different. You should explore the use of a digital marketplace when putting your art out in the world! Whether you use FestivalNet's online platform or a larger-scale marketplace like Etsy or Redbubble to sell, you’ll want to compare what portion each site will take out of your sales.

The Art of Making an Emotional Connection

posted 09/11/22 18:05:45   category » Artist Resources
The Art of Making an Emotional Connection

Sell more of your work by talking about what matters most to your customer.

When I first started the art festival guide I had a somewhat clear organization and, once I decided on the main points to cover, I kept to my outline more or less faithfully. During the course of art festivals, I would think of bits and pieces and almost all of them fit neatly into my chapters...almost. Another phenomenon that occurs in art festivals is that some of us get a lot of visits from artists that want to entertain the idea of embarking upon the art festival adventure.

Depth of Growth is More Important than Rate of Growth

posted 08/23/22 13:54:04   category » Artist Resources
Depth of Growth is More Important than Rate of Growth

Attracting one new, deeply committed fan is worth far, far more than attracting 100 mildly interested visitors to your website.

The problem is, if you do what most articles tell you to do, you're mostly doing the wrong things or, at best, you're simply doing what everyone else is doing: you're optimizing for hundreds of mildly interested people instead of a few deeply committed people.

🪦 What's Killing Your Art Sales?

posted 08/09/22 16:44:23   category » Artist Resources
🪦 What's Killing Your Art Sales?

Is your art business about to pass away? Here are some reasons why your sales may be dying.

Non-existent Website.  At this point in time, if you don't have an art website, there is simply no excuse. You are invisible to virtually the whole world. And if you have one that hasn't been updated in years, that doesn't help either. It will look like you're out of business, or perhaps you've expired.

Poor photos, anyone? Are shoppers inspired to buy after viewing blurry, poorly lit, or overly small photos of your art? Um.. No. Time to reincarnate your portfolio as a stunning visual feast for the viewer!

They're not hearing what they need to know. What is it that you really do? Don't keep them guessing. You have to tell your story, and share your inspiration and your process. Use that story to grab attention and use your message to let shoppers know how much they will love becoming one of your collectors.

5 Steps to Gaining Referral Business

posted 05/16/22 12:28:01   category » Artist Resources
5 Steps to Gaining Referral Business
When you really think about it, you may realize that many of your current collectors and customers would be happy to recommend you and your work. And if you sell to a niche market, your customers are likely to know others who have the same interests, and could be potential clients as well.

How do you get referrals from your customer base? Ask for them. You may be pleasantly surprised at the very positive reaction you receive. After all, the worst they can say is "no."

🎨 Are Your Prices Unrealistic?

posted 04/11/22 10:34:51   category » Artist Resources
🎨 Are Your Prices Unrealistic?

Many years ago, a certain art professor showed his portfolio slides to a class I attended, as a sample of how to put together a body of work for presentation. His beautiful ceramic perfume bottles were quite impressive and skillfully made. Along with the images were prices for each item, which averaged in the range of $600 each, which was his example of pricing to the class.

Not long ago, I happened to speak with an artist who by chance got the same talk from the same art professor with the same slides. She, however, had the presence of mind to raise her hand and ask "How many of these perfume bottles have you sold?" The answer: Zero.

Dazzle Juries with Amazing Images

posted 03/17/22 09:11:58   category » Artist Resources
Dazzle Juries with Amazing Images

It cannot be stressed enough that fantastic, high quality images are the most important step towards professional success. Do not let the quality of your images eliminate your work from the next juried exhibition, craft show, book or magazine. Always keep in mind that the jury is looking at a photographic representation rather than the actual work. No matter how good your work may be in reality, your photographic image must capture that reality in a dynamic and compelling manner. In a competitive environment, jurors must sort through hundreds of images.

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