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blog category: Festival Food Vendors

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Get Rolling! Food Truck Basics

posted 12/14/21 14:30:41   category » Festival Food Vendors
Get Rolling!  Food Truck Basics

Whether you use a cart, trailer or vehicle, there are certain requirements that you must meet before you can light up those grills and flat tops!  The authorities must be convinced that your food business meets their standards.

In addition to a permit, there will be a full inspection of your food cart or truck before you receive authorization to serve the public your food!


Food safety is obviously a major issue in public health, and the equipment you use must be appropriate and safe as well. Each state will have its own set of laws so be sure to research your area before buying anything!

For example, if you operate a pushcart in Dallas, your container can be no longer than 6 feet. Furthermore, the roof vents of your container should prevent dust and flies from entering.

Creating Logo Designs Which Aren’t Boring

posted 12/01/21 15:32:50   category » Festival Food Vendors
Creating Logo Designs Which Aren’t Boring

There are various tools and options available which make the process of creating your logo easier and more affordable than ever. Now you can get a stunning logo which you can be proud of, without breaking the bank.

It’s not unheard of for a marketing agency to charge up to $25,000 for a logo design. But, it’s possible to get something which meets your needs as a small business owner, for much less.

Let's begin with  a few basic elements of logo design:

  • The Food: Most food businesses have a small and focused menu like grilled cheese sandwiches or hot dogs. If you have a clear food identity like this, ask the designer to integrate the food type into the logo. This will make it clear to prospective customers what you’re offering. 

Food Vendors: Pay Yourself First

posted 09/16/21 17:00:44   category » Festival Food Vendors
Food Vendors: Pay Yourself First

As a food vendor, you may assume you should put everything you make back into the business. Not so. The first thing you should do with your money is pay yourself, first. Many food business owners who bootstrapped their companies feel that paying themselves is a luxury; however, we feel (and will show you why) that it is a necessity to pay yourself first for the success of your food business.

Why You Deserve a Salary

If you’ve got a nice cushion of savings, you may not need a salary right now to pay your bills. But that could change, so it’s best to prepare for the day when your funds run out. Getting into the habit of paying yourself, even just a little bit, will give you money for personal expenses when things get tight or sales slow down. If your food business happens to fail one day, you would have gotten something for your efforts by paying yourself and saving money for that rainy day.

A Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business

posted 08/11/21 10:10:52   category » Festival Food Vendors
A Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business

Over the past ten years, the popularity of food trucks has grown immensely. Foodies and casual diners alike enjoy trying the delicious, yet quick creations that each niche food truck provides.

If the idea of owning a food truck is intriguing to you, that’s great! Just know that like any other food service-based business, there will be many hurdles to overcome to find success. With a little help, you can be on your way to food truck stardom!

Keeping this
Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business resource handy as you begin to navigate the murky waters of this niche industry will help you find your footing early on. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!


How to Get Your Food Truck Queues to Move Faster

posted 07/30/21 16:12:40   category » Festival Food Vendors
How to Get Your Food Truck Queues to Move Faster

At some point we all find ourselves standing in line. Never fun, but it feels better if it moves at a nice clip. The thing is, you can get the same effect by making the line appear to move quickly. Managing appearances means managing your customer’s perceptions. Here’s how:

Queue Management

  • Be sure to have a line, not a crowd, standing in front of your service window. An orderly progression towards the service window gives customers a sense of calm.

The Essence Of Food Truck Brand Marketing

posted 06/07/21 13:17:55   category » Festival Food Vendors
The Essence Of Food Truck Brand Marketing

Branding doesn't create, build or strengthen your brand. You read that correctly. First and foremost, your food business brand marketing must always be a reflection of the quality of your menu and service. There are really no exceptions to this rule.

Food Truck Brand Marketing

To understand why, it's first necessary to define what is part of a food truck's "brand." Most people think a brand consists of exterior elements: the truck's name, it's logo and the tagline. To get a general understanding of a brand, think about it in the simplest terms.

Will This Food Booth and Menu Make Money?

posted 01/21/21 10:38:01   category » Festival Food Vendors
Will This Food Booth and Menu Make Money?

This past year has been a year of transition for me. As it turns out, the older I get the harder it is to operate a high capacity tent operation at large events! So, last spring I made the decision to ground my tent/deep fry operation and instead spend the season doing small local events with a new custom built trailer and a new menu. Unlike the tent/deep fry operation that took many hours to set-up, this little trailer is easy to tow and can be ready to serve in less than an hour. The question was: would it make enough money?

No Cost Marketing Tools

posted 11/19/20 13:41:10   category » Festival Food Vendors

8 No Cost Marketing Tools For Your Food Truck
by Richard Myrick for Mobile-Cuisine

Savvy marketing tools and techniques can attract more customers to your food truck or food business and more viewers to your website. By building your presence without paying for advertising, you’ll have extra cash to invest in other areas.   

image via arturo rey

Put your URL on all documents and packaging

There's no added cost to include your URL on every single piece of collateral that leaves your food truck or food business. For example:

* Truck wrap
* Business cards
* Letterhead
* Invoices
* Receipts
* Catering presentation folders
* Take-away menus
* Press releases

Be sure your URL appears in all of your advertising and social media. And of course, include it on all forms of packaging: cartons, labels, bags, and any other containers you use.

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