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10 Do's and Dont's of Buying a Business

posted 12/28/21 10:38:23   category » Small Business Resources
10 Do's and Dont's of Buying a Business

New Year brings new ventures! If you are considering a new business in 2022, check out article with great suggestions and tips.

From finding the right business or franchise to buy, to finally accepting the keys to the front door - buying a business can be an extremely frustrating exercise. It is important that you plan and implement each and every step in sequence and avoid the many caverns on the road to completing the deal.

The following 10 points should always be in the back of your mind.

1. Do not buy or invest in a business that you do not understand or are not familiar with. This does not mean that you have to know every detail of the management and operation of that specific business. Hopefully, you will receive specific training from the current owner. What it does mean is that you should, at the very least understand the primary principles of the business.

5 Tips for Promoting Your Visual Arts and Crafts Booth on Social Media

posted 07/02/21 14:33:22   category » Small Business Resources
5 Tips for Promoting Your Visual Arts and Crafts Booth on Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to get the word out about your craft business. Social media can also help to alert long-time followers and new prospects about your attendance at a festival or event. If you’re a craft business owner who has set up a craft or visual arts booth at an event, social media can help drive traffic to your booth so you can meet new potential customers and increase brand awareness. If you’d like to promote your visual arts and crafts booth on social media, here are five tips to help.

Your Small Business Insurance Questions Answered

posted 05/07/21 10:04:35   category » Small Business Resources
Your Small Business Insurance Questions Answered

As a small business owner, you’re no stranger to opportunity...or to risk.  Starting and running a small business requires no small amount of bravery.  But no matter how fearless you are, there’s a limit to how much risk you can take on.  Small business insurance, while it may seem like an extra or even unnecessary cost, is a valuable shield against the real risks you take on every day.


The Ultimate Collection of Email Marketing Tips: Turn those subscribers into fans

posted 03/24/21 09:39:38   category » Small Business Resources
The Ultimate Collection of Email Marketing Tips: Turn those subscribers into fans


Are you ready to give up on email marketing?


We hear you. If you’re like most of us, you probably feel like you’ve tried everything to no avail.


You’ve tried sending out email every other day. Once a week. Once a month. You’ve tried crafting content that’s humorous, informative, relatable. You’ve tried long messages, and brief ones.





Business Efficiency

posted 05/22/19 15:59:54   category » Small Business Resources

Be Business-Efficient
Sandy Hammer for Catersource

The key to freeing up more time is simply to get through your to-do list faster. Easier said than done, right? Stay with me, though, and we’ll look at some of the biggest efficiency hindrances, as well as best practices for overcoming them and finding more time in your day.

image via William Iven


Ah, the dreaded inbox. While necessary for communication with colleagues, clients, and prospects, it can easily become a black hole that sucks up hours of time. Soon enough, it’s time to go home and you’re wondering where the day went. Sound familiar? Well, it’s time to take your inbox back!

I like to look over all of my emails that I received overnight, first thing in the morning. At this time, I respond to emails to the best of my abilities and work to tackle the emails which have pending answers. I make it a point to answer my emails daily, but I also allow specific time periods for it. This allows me to fully focus on the task at hand throughout the workday.

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Writing Good Bios

posted 03/15/19 09:20:10   category » Small Business Resources

Ari Herstand for Ari's Take


Make sure you have three bios: a long one, a short one (1 or 2 paragraphs, definitely under 500 words) and an elevator pitch. Make sure every bio includes pronunciation of the name. Your bio should be written in the third person.

Your long and short bios can be on your website. The elevator pitch is not mean to be written anywhere, but just for you to think about.
Your long bio can be structured like this:

image via Tikkho Maciel


Start the bio off with a quote from a band member or press outlet or a lyric from one of your songs. Something that sets the tone and is indicative of what your project is about.

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How Efficiency Can Improve Your Life and Art

posted 10/19/17 10:44:20   category » Small Business Resources

John P. Weiss for

The majority of artists I know have day jobs. They set their alarms, brew their coffee, tighten their neckties, perfect their makeup, grab their computer bags and hit the morning commute.

Their days are filled with meetings, quotas, emails, phone calls, texts, travel, office politics, deadlines, promotions, acquisitions, shift work, and the many other quotidian rhythms of commerce and professional life.

Some days bring professional recognition, raises, bonuses and personal satisfaction. Other days bring let downs, frustration, depression and a sense of endless entrapment.

Add into the mix all the commitments and responsibilities of family life. Getting the kids to school, sports practice and assuring homework gets done. Maybe a quick workout, walk the dogs, enjoy a glass of wine with your spouse and then it's off to bed. Before you know it, the alarm clock shakes you out of a blessed slumber and you're back on the career treadmill.

Somewhere in the above narrative, waiting like a forgotten child at the bus stop, is your artwork. Remember that? Before school, marriage, career, mortgage and life took over?

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10 Prioritization Tips for Promoters

posted 01/26/17 16:43:02   category » Small Business Resources

10 Prioritization Tips for Promoters

Stephen Kim of


When in planning mode, event managers have a million and one things to worry about. Time management and prioritization are not just skills, they become a lifestyle. Even the most seasoned event planners can stand to add a few more things to their toolbox. Here are 10 prioritization tips to help you keep calm under pressure and execute on an incredible event.


1) Establish your overarching goal and vision


Before the planning even begins, clearly articulate why you're even having this event in the first place. Then set concrete goals that align with that vision. Doing so will make decisions down the road much easier because you'll be sure that they align with your overarching goal.


"It's easy to get distracted the thousands of details that come with event planning. But if you establish clear goals from the beginning, the rest of the planning becomes much easier."


-Rachel, Customer Success Manager at Bizzabo.



2) Outline the day


To keep focused on the overarching goals, it's important to make every day count. Make sure to start your day with a clear schedule of what needs get done and by what time. This daily ritual will help you stay focused on checking off the tasks that contribute to your main event goals.


3) Make deadlines, not to-do lists


The danger of to-do lists is that once the tasks start piling up, your list becomes endless and more difficult to prioritize. That's why it's essential to immediately set deadlines once tasks start coming in. Having a logical, chronological progression of objectives will help you better visualize the needs for your event.


"Everyone needs deadlines. Even beavers."
-Walt Disney


4) Know the difference between urgent vs important


It's easy for a task to feel important because of a creeping deadline, but make sure that the sense of urgency is not distorting the actual importance of the task. Certain tasks add immediate value and others just make you feel busy. The clearer the line is between urgent and important, the smoother your event planning will be.


"What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important."


-Dwight D. Eisenhower


5) Use tools that help you focus


Good prioritization isn't only about ranking your tasks. Sometimes it comes down to good old fashioned hard work and focus. To help you focus on one task at a time, there are a number of productivity tools available. For instance, Marinara Timer helps you stay focused for 25 minutes at a time, in what is known as the pomodoro technique. The app Self-Control creates a blacklist of websites that remain locked for a set period of time. Tools like these will definitely help you stay focused on the task at hand.


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