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Felicia Day

member since: 09/01/2011

Scentsy Candles are flameless and wickless. The decorative Scentsy Warmers use a low wattage light bulb (25 watt or less) to heat the scented wax. What makes this wax so special? The scent is warmed to only body temperature only and only releases the scent, not the harmful toxins (i.e: lead, chemicals used to create the wax, or soot) that get released into the air as a regular jarred candle does. This also means that because just the scent is being released, there is no waxy residue or black stuff left on any of your walls. This also make for much easier clean up as well. Since the wax is made of a softer wax, it is much easier to get out of carpets and off of counter tops, table tops, etc. Scentsy candles have a lifetime of up to 80+ hours (roughly the same lifetime of a Medium sized jarred candle) There are more than 50 uniquely attractive warmers in three different sizes: Full size, Mid-Size, and a Plug-In size.

Unlike Traditional Jarred Candles, where wax is burned an evaporated into the air, Scentsy Candles are lead free and wickless. There are no dangerous flames and because the wax does not burn but merely melts to body temperature, nothing harmful or messy gets released into the air or gets put on your walls. There is no soot, smoke, waxy residue or black stuff that gets left on your walls. Since the wax is never hotter than body temperature or slightly above and because there is no flame/wick there is no fire hazard, Scentsy is a perfect choice for homes with children or pets, offices, daycares, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, apartments, and dorm rooms just to mention a few places. The scents are strong to smell as soon as you get home (to the office, etc), but never overpowering, because of these benefits, the Scentsy Plug In Size Warmers are great for night lights in bathrooms or childrens rooms as well. Scentsy has OVER 80+ scents and 50+ warmers to choose from, so you're sure to find something that will always fit your mood, personality, occasion, the season/holiday, or just to set the “mood”, that will quick become a favorite! The scented wax comes available in two forms: a Scentsy Bar and a Scentsy Brick. The bars have cubes that are broken off and placed into your warmer; whereas the Brick-which is equal to about 6 Bars-are a great option if you love a particular fragrance but just can't seem to get enough.

Unlike with traditional candles (where you have to figure out how you're going to get the wax out of the candle holder), clean-up is a breeze! Whenever you just want to change a scent there are two simple ways to go about doing it. One way is to simply plug-in/turn on your warmer and melt your wax and simply pour the liquid wax back into the “clam shell” container to save for another time (best if there is still scent being released); or simply turn of your warmer and let the wax harden, then use your finger to pop the wax out of the warming dish. Once the wax is removed from the warming dish, just take a paper towel or napkin and wipe the dish clean, drop in a couple cubes of a scent, turn your warmer on, and you're ready to start enjoying your new scent within seconds! And because Scentsy makes it affordable and easy to stock up on all your favorite scents, there's no worry when you run out of a certain fragrance. Contact Me and let me know, when you're running low and I will place your order for you, so you will never be without your favorite aromas.

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