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Pets in Charge, Medford, OR

member since: 06/06/2022
Festival biz experience: 6 months - 1 year
USA: Medford, Oregon (OR)

A few years ago my wife and I heard a joke. It said,
"Dogs have family, Cats have staff."

We both thought it was as true as it was humorous but to get even more truthful, dog owners were also staff. In fact mostly all of us are servants to our precious pets.

This prompted a realization that the special relationship between pet owners and their pets has some unique characteristics. #1 We love being taken advantage of. They beg, they complain, they demand more, they ignore us, they refuse instructions and yet we love them and delight in their behaviors whether compliant or defiant. “Look how cute!” They can get away with things we would never let our children do.

And so   PETS in CHARGE was born. The creative inspiration came from real life experiences. These observations have been re-confirmed every time we share our story with other pet owners, we almost always get interrupted with . . .

“Well let me tell you what my dog or cat does” . . .Sound familiar?

Out of this precious relationship came a series of cartoon drawings and sayings that capture the truth in a humorous way and can be enjoyed by pet owners universally.

So Lisa and I went to work creating these little depictions of daily encounters and thought . . .  how easy it would be to use them on products, clothing, accessories and many items pet related.

So visit our store. Right now we offer coffee mugs, baseball caps and shopping totes. Enjoy!

Baseball caps, coffee mugs, shopping totes