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» Mischief

What did I do

Here I am in trouble Again

Got to watch what I say and what I do

I’m already sorry for the things I have done

I’m already guilty of what’s to come


If my eyes couldn’t see and my hands couldn’t feel

I could pretend that none of this is real

Go unnoticed as if I wasn’t there

I was supposed to be the one who didn’t care


Always the wrong time

Always the wrong place

Everything is easier when it’s in my face

I wanna make Mischief

I wanna get mixed up with you


Somebody please find a judge

Collect my peers

I’m already sentenced

I’ve served for years

Nobody’s noticed what I’ve gone through

I wasn’t the one supposed to be used


I am lost in your eyes

See the million faces hidden behind my lies

And your face is pulling me closer to my disgrace

I am innocent inexperienced in the ways of the world

I’m trapped in sin

I have lost control

I cannot let go

It’s been so many years since I had just let go