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Win Cash This Summer By Sharing FestivalNet!


Two Ways to Win This Summer!

Fest season is smokin' now! But, you know what they say about all work and no play? Right! Dull, dull dull. Spice things up the fun, exciting, even surprising, FestivalNet way!

Sizzlin' Prizes Ahead...Think Three Digits!

First Way to Play: Get social! Link us on your website, blog or favorite social media. Be sure to use your custom tracking link found here. Send proof: email your social media link and screen shot of your share to marisa@festivalnet.com. Winner chosen by random drawing on October 1st. Only one entry per affiliate, please.

Winner receives $150!

Second Way to Play: Spread the love! Print your custom flyer, hand it out. Or, link us. We track the Pro member referrals. Ka-ching! The top referring affiliate between now and October 1st wins. Printing and linking options are just a click away: Affiliate Tools

Winner receives $200!

How cool is that?! Both Contests end October 1! One Winner Per Play

Even if you're not a gamer, remember, we've doubled our referral commission! You get $10 for each Pro referral you send our way and they get $5 off their membership if they use your individual affiliate number in the discount code when signing up. Now that's some hot stuff! For your affiliate number, graphics, and custom flier, just head over to your Affiliate Tools linked off your 'My Account' area.