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Artists & Crafters News:
FestivalNet Artists & Crafters News: Present Your Work at Christmas M…
November 2017
How to Successfully Sell Your Artwork at Christmas Markets

by Steff Metal for emptyeasel.com

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Christmas markets are a real highlight in the community calendar. They're a great way for local creatives to get together and share their work, while adding a bit to your bottom line over the Christmas season.

If you're new to selling your artwork at a Christmas market or holiday, it's a great way to get your name known in your local community. Read on for some Christmas-specific tips!

1. Display both expensive and inexpensive artwork
The truth is, not everyone can afford the large pieces of art for their loved ones, and most stall holders find they do much better in a Christmas market if they have a range of smaller, more inexpensive items alongside their larger pieces. These might include prints, greeting card sets, and smaller scale sculptures or wall hangings.

When I set up a stall, I like to choose 3-5 of my larger, more impressive pieces to attract people to the stall, and stock the rest with smaller items. Direct people interested in your larger pieces to a photograph book or your website.

2. Include Christmas-themed items
It would seem obvious, but many stallholders forget that buyers are looking for specifically Christmas-themed items, such as greeting cards, tree ornaments, advent calendars, and anything wintery or festive. After all, they can get your normal work at any time of the year.

Spend a few weeks beforehand creating some unique Christmas items for sale, and place these prominently on display. They'll probably be your biggest seller for the day!

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Musicians News:

Should You Take the Gig or Pass?
by Ari Herstand for Aristake.com

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Remember, nothing in the music industry is black and white. Not streaming. Not pirating music. Not playing gigs for free. Is that ever ok? Short answer is yes. Should bands take non-paid gigs? Short answer is maybe. But nothing in the music industry can accurately be answered with a short answer. Use this guide to help you decide if the gig is right for you:

For Paying Gigs:
Don't take a gig unless it meets The Perfect 30 Test:
Payment = 10. Career building = 10. Enjoyment = 10.

You don't want to play any shows for less than a total of 15 on the scale. If the payment is incredible (10), but there will be very little career building potential (3) or enjoyment (2), that equals 15. If there is decent payment (5), but will bring great enjoyment (9), but little career building potential (1), that also equals a 15. Take these shows. The shows you shouldn't take are the ones for little to no payment (1), very little career building potential (3) and very little enjoyment (3) = 7 total. Pass!

For Non Paying Gigs:
There are a few instances when these are no brainers:

For Charity or A Worthy Cause: If you believe in the cause or the organization, then absolutely contribute your services. Your "normal fee" can sometimes be a tax deductible donation for certain organizations. Always ask the org.

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Food Vendors News:

FestivalNet Food Vendors News: Better Management Skills for Your Food…
November 2017

Five Ways to Build Your Staff Management Skills for a More Profitable Food Concession Business
by Barb Fitzgerald for Foodbooth.net

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Many food concessionaires feel that hiring and managing good help is one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of managing a food concession business. It is also one of the most important.

Working in a food concession is not rocket science. Yet, as a manager, hiring the right people with the right qualities to help your business run smoothly and profitably is often harder than you'd expect. Fortunately, with the right policies you can improve your staff for a more profitable food concession business.

1. Hire the Right People. Successfully staffing your concession business starts with finding and hiring the right people for the job. Honesty and reliability are the first qualities we look for in a concession worker. A worker who also learns quickly and can multi-task is much better. If they are also friendly, outgoing, and energetic they are ideal. Perhaps, equally important; because the success of a food concession business depends on maximizing production during peak times, so a worker must be able to work quickly and competently, while confidently managing hordes of impatient, hungry customers.

2. Be Honest with Your Staff. Be honest and straight-forward with your staff. Articulate your specific expectations and possible reasons for termination. By initiating an honest, fair-minded, and team-oriented policy from the outset, the incentive for dishonesty may be eliminated.

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Promoters News:

Biggest Social Media Mistakes
by Eugene Loj

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Yesterday, I made a brief stop at my local Barnes & Noble to check out Gary Vaynerchuk's book, "The Thank You Economy." Gary is one of my favorite social media experts. I give him a ton of credit because his wisdom comes from experience, NOT just book smarts.


These days the Internet is full of "marketing experts" and "Internet gurus" who are great at regurgitating info, but when it REALLY matters - can't deliver results. I digress . . .



During a quick scan of the "The Thank You Economy," there was a series of bullet points that jumped out at me. The bullet points addressed mistakes that companies make with their social media efforts.


Here are Gary Vaynerchuk's - "Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Social Media":

  • Using tactics instead of strategy
  • Using it exclusively to put out fires
  • Using it to brag
  • Using it as a press release
  • Exclusively re-tweeting other people's material rather than creating your own original content
  • Using it to push products
  • Expecting immediate results


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