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Fest season is smokin' now! But, you know what they say about all work and no play? Right! Dull, dull dull. Spice things up the fun, exciting, even surprising, FestivalNet way!

Sizzlin' Prizes Ahead...Think Three Digits!

How to get them: Pick the way you want to play and jump in!

First Way to Play: Get social! Link us on your website, blog or favorite social media. Be sure to use your custom tracking link found here. Send proof: email your social media link and screen shot of your share to my email shown below. Winner chosen by random drawing on October 1st. Only one entry per affiliate, please.

Winner receives $150

Second Way to Play: Spread the love! Print your custom flyer, hand it out. Or, link us. We track the Pro member referrals. Ka-ching! The top referring affiliate between now and October 1st wins. Printing and linking options are just a click away: Affiliate Tools

Winner receives $200

How cool is that?! Both Contests end October 1! One Winner Per Play

Even if you're not a gamer, remember, we've doubled our referral commission! You get $10 for each Pro referral you send our way and they get $5 off their membership if they use your individual affiliate number in the discount code when signing up. Now that's some hot stuff!

Speaking of game, meet Rick Perry aka 'Bounce the Cat'. He joined FestivalNet in 2012 and knows a thing or two about how to play the Affiliate Referral game. Read below for this quarter's spotlight!

Please let me know how to best support you and your Affiliate adventure by emailing or calling:

(800) 200 3737 extension 006
Affiliate Support

Affiliate Spotlight - Bounce the Cat

Bounce the CatHis momma may call him Rick, but he's known to his clients as Bounce the Cat. Or, simply, Bounce. He's a thoughtful man in the tough world of the music biz: #takecareofeachother is more than a hashtag. It reflects one of Bounce's core beliefs.

Bounce has over 20 years of experience in Entertainment/Business Management & Marketing/PR and over 18 years of Internet Business/Development & Marketing. But, he doesn't book gigs for his independent musician clients anymore. That's because he wants to give them something more lasting than the next venue. Instead, he instructs them in how to use effective tools to make their dreams a reality and for creating long term success in what can be a fleeting business.

One of those tools is FestivalNet.com: "I love FestivalNet because it works. It's a great research tool for my clients. They can search by genre: rock, blues, roots, whatever. And, they can even link to the promoter's website, right from FN. All the contacts and information they need are right there, in one place!"

Another tool he urges his clients to use is social media, as a way of increasing following and numbers, which is what promoters are looking for these days.

"I tell my clients, it's not just about you. Post something about someone else, an important cause or a thought-provoking message. We're all in this together and can't do it alone." That's one reason Bounce links FestivalNet on his blog and Facebook page. And...

...the other is the commission generated each time someone clicks through and becomes a Pro member: $10 for him and $5 off membership for his referral.

That kind of win-win groove is music to Bounce's ear!

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