Dazzle Juries with Amazing Images
January 2014

Getting into a juried show can be difficult, and it all comes down to your submission. Read this month's article for tips on how to give the best presentation possible.

This month, we also have a special side note from us here at FestivalNet, personally. We recognize that bees play a very important part in our environment, and are currently disappearing. Pro Member and entertainer Kenny Silkie has added a new performance to his repertoire to shed some light on this issue, and we reached out for more info. Please read the Bee Story below for more information on this unique and apropos festival performance available now for bookings.

What have you been crafting? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments, or even post them in our Marketplace!

Happy crafting!
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Dazzle Juries with Amazing Images
by Harriete Estel Berman

It cannot be stressed enough that fantastic, high quality images are the most important step towards professional success. Do not let the quality of your images eliminate your work from the next juried exhibition, craft show, book or magazine. Always keep in mind that the jury is looking at a photographic representation rather than the actual work. No matter how good your work may be in reality, your photographic image must capture that reality in a dynamic and compelling manner. In a competitive environment, jurors must sort through hundreds of images. This is your opportunity to grab the jurors' attention and set your work ahead of the pack by showing the jury fabulous images. Superior photographic images can make the difference as to whether you will be accepted or rejected.

Consider hiring a professional photographer. Spend your time on what you do best: making great work. A cover photo, newspaper article or magazine spread is free publicity that may be worth thousands of dollars in exposure and perhaps even sales. But publishers select visuals based on the strength of the image rather than the work itself. So apply the same standards of quality to your photographic images as you do to your work.

Sending photographic images presents a nearly identical scenario for the artists submitting work for review. The primary difference lies in the review process for the jurors.

Read more!

Makin Larvae.. a Honey Bee Love Story

Mission: "To reach hometown America, with a way to become better informed about honey bees, and their impact on our food supply. "

A brand new, environmentally friendly show, presents across the US in 2014.

Entomologists, farmers and agricultural scientists universally recognize the crucial significance of honey bees in the pollination process of the world's plant species and also a size-able amount of our food supply. Education and public awareness is integral in sustaining the honey bee and highlighting the ethical treatment of bees and issues bees face.

In an age when honey producing bees are disappearing at an alarming rate, today more than ever, we must educate and agriculturally prepare consumers to face the world of tomorrow. We do this by starting at the grass roots level and providing hometown America with useable information and action steps they can implement. Such as using part of our presentation to identify flowering plants that attract honey bees which can be added to a garden. By engaging adults and children, we make them proactive, in sustaining one of nature's most influential resources...the honey bee.

The educational 30 minute sketch comedy,

MAKIN' LARVAE...A Honey Bee Love Story, takes this message to hometown America! Makin' Larvae...A Honey Bee Love Story, will make a national impact, engaging, and educating. Most importantly, making citizens, activists for the importance of honey bee preservation, leaving with a deeper appreciation that they do indeed, have the power to positively impact the world in which they live!

MAKIN' LARVAE...A Honey Bee Love Story is booking now for the 2014 event season.

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