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June 2016

Creating art that establishes an emotional connection for your buyer can drastically drive up the value of your work. Curious to know how? Check out this month's article below for more!

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The Art of Making an Emotional Connection

by Carolyn Edlund

Sell more of your work by talking about what matters most to your customer.

When I first started the art festival guide I had a somewhat clear organization and, once I decided on the main points to cover, I kept to my outline more or less faithfully. During the course of art festivals, I would think of bits and pieces and almost all of them fit neatly into my chapters...almost. Another phenomenon that occurs in art festivals is that some of us get a lot of visits from artists that want to entertain the idea of embarking upon the art festival adventure. Most of them ask the obvious questions but some pose a few practical and sometimes not so obvious questions. There is so much more to know!Back in the day when I represented a major art publisher, we kept careful track of the most popular sellers in our poster line. The "Bon Voyage" category most often ranked #1 in poster sales. This collection featured photographs of fabulous destinations around the world.

Why were these posters our bestsellers? Because just about everyone loves imagining an escape to a tropical island, or climbing a mountain to see an amazing view like the ones in the posters. Those incredible photographs reflected the memories and aspirations of our customers. They acted as a reminder of the good life, a dream vacation or a very special trip taken in the past. Each one connected on a very basic emotional level, offering a slice of happiness.

Take a look at your own body of work. How does what you make connect emotionally with the customers you would like to cultivate? What does it offer them? Answering that question is key to planning your marketing message, because it enables you to address what customers care about most - themselves.

When you create messaging to market your work and when you speak about your art in person with potential collectors, keep this simple truth in mind. Tell your story, describe your process and inspiration, but don't forget that an essential part of making a sale involves sharing how it will directly affect your customer. They need to know, "What's in it for me?"

Place yourself firmly in your customer's shoes. Why should they buy from you? Then, let them know.

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