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Take the Leap!
Take the Leap!
by Jenna Herbut from Make It University


Have you ever told yourself "I'll do that when I have this" or "the timing just isn't right but when it is I'll start doing insert dream here." Problem with these good intentions is that they are just intentions. The perfect time usually never comes. The stars don't align and the damn ducks just won't line up! This is ultimately how we get stuck lives we don't love and avoid taking chances.


Following your dreams doesn't get any easier the longer you wait. Talking yourself out of the things you really want to do gets super easy as more and more time passes. Then you get to a point when you let the dream go because you have successfully convinced yourself you couldn't have even done it if you tried. *Big sigh*


This is sad. You have SO much potential and so much amazing creativity to share with the world, that to squander is not only bad for you personally, it's also selfish to the rest of us. Think about your favorite musicians, artists, writers, designers, dancers, and performers. What if they decided that the timing just wasn't right, or that they needed to do this, that and the other thing before they went for their dreams? Our world would be a grim, dark place and not very much fun.


What I have learned in my own experience, is that the timing is never right and things rarely go according to plan. But the most important thing you do is to simply START. Just do one little thing that fulfills that desire to be creative and brings you closer to your dream. Maybe it's enrolling in a pottery class, signing up for a craft show or finally listing your jewelry on Etsy. You will know by how good it makes you feel inside.


You might be really scared at first but the more you push yourself outside your comfort zone the easier it will get and more natural it will feel. This doesn't mean you won't still be nervous but you will realize that having butterflies is actually pretty awesome. It just means you are alive!


Please share in the comments below the one thing you are going to commit to doing that will bring you closer to your dreams. Then, go do it!



by juliebird, posted 09/16/13 10:43:22

I love that! Thanks for sharing.

by fairy17, posted 09/15/13 04:52:58

I actually have a quote for you , that had help me take a leap at starting my own business: Mystic Creations by Sarah. Where I make one of a kind Jewelry and Hair accessories.
"If you're afraid of trying something new, the discomfort you're feeling is not a signal to retreat. It's actually a sign that you're on the right track. It means you're putting yourself out in the world. And the process of stepping forward is an honorable one. So this petrified feeling you have? It's a badge of honor."
- Donna Penoyer

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