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August 2019

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles."  -Steve Jobs

There are alternatives to growing your Facebook likes or getting more traffic to your website in order to sell your art or craft. As you'll read in this month's article, it's about making quality connections, the old-fashioned way.

This month we put an apple on our Giving Tree for a non-profit committed to assisting children, the elderly, families and individuals through difficulties which are no fault of their own. Learn more, below.


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Depth of Growth is More Important than Rate of Growth
by Clint Watson for

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Attracting one new, deeply committed fan is worth far, far more than attracting 100 mildly interested visitors to your website.

The problem is, if you do what most articles tell you to do, you're mostly doing the wrong things or, at best, you're simply doing what everyone else is doing: you're optimizing for hundreds of mildly interested people instead of a few deeply committed people.

image via george pagan

Here are the type of articles I generally see that pass as "art marketing advice" these days:

 - "Facebook for artists: 20 ways to get more fans"
- "How to use Pinterest to Promote your art"
-  "Instagram for Artists - 5 Ways to Promote and Sell Art on Instagram"
- "Use pop-up forms to increase engagement with your art email newsletter list"
- "SEO for Artists: 7 Website Tips to Help you Rank Higher"

These articles . . . and thousands like them . . . all focus on quantity over quality. How to get more Facebook followers, how to get more traffic to your website.  But few articles focus on the quality of these prospects.  

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The FestivalNet Giving Tree

For almost 30 years, Eblen Charities has provided assistance to children, the elderly, families and individuals in need, during some of the worst times of their lives. The non-profit accomplishes this huge task with a small staff, an army of volunteers, and community support and involvement.

Our newest FestivalNet family member, Lindsay, chose Eblen Charities to receive a portion of's gross profits this month. See all our apples up on our Giving Tree page!

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