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September 2012


Choosing between keeping on the safe path or inventing your own way is a difficult decision for many artists. This month, we'll hear from speaker and author, J. Michael Dolan, on the benefits of each.


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FNO Newsletter Editor

Choose One
by J. Michael Dolan


We stand alone at this very moment right on the edge of an unknown future which is staring us right back in the face, waiting for us to make the next move. And at this instant there are only two choices:

1) Reach back in the past and cast out a huge safety net into the future, confidently confirming what we already know.

2) Step into the "unknown" and create something new, out of the endless field of all possibilities.

"The biggest obstacle to creativity, innovation and freedom is the false idea that "I know." - Anand

Most opt to reach back and repeat the past. Creating ORDINARY, again and again. It's safer, proven, time-tested, familiar and often very profitable. That's why music and art is so repetitive, and products and services are mostly copycats. And often, those who have plenty of "experience," those that think they "know" just fool themselves into thinking they're creating something new- but they're not. They're just refreshing the same screen over & over again.


However the true, crazy, creative artist and the brave, genius entrepreneur stand on the edge of that same moment of choice, knowing that reaching back for the safety net of the past will only bring frustration and failure, no matter how much profit could be gained. And they courageously step into the unknown (with often reckless abandon) and create something new, something different, something EXTRAORDINARY.


So here you stand, alone at this very moment, right on the edge of the unknown future, which is staring right back at you, waiting for you to make the next move. Will you reach back for the safety net of the past? Or will you create your future (your destiny) from the quantum field of all possibilities?




by sreis, posted 09/20/12 15:34:13

My pastor often teaches that, "If you want something you've never had before, you must do something you've never done before." Bishop P.D. Zink, New Life Christian Fellowship, Jacksonville, FL.
I see this concept clearly. It's so much easier to do things the old way as they are familiar, they have been tested. It's so much easier to operate in the usual Modus operandi. It is much more difficult to do something one's never done before. It's hard, it takes a lot of work; it takes mind power and diligence. But I look at big people who started out small - like Wendy's founder, Dave Thomas, or McDonald. They started small but dared to try something new. Then there was Edison, he made 1,000 or so light bulbs before one finally worked.
I choose to step out in faith and in my heart I know God will help me do what I set my hands to accomplish.
Be encouraged my friends, you never know until you try.
Suzanne Reis, Jacksonville Beach, FL.

by evassar, posted 09/20/12 14:32:16

For me, I look at it like a big lake. I stand at the edge and test the waters. Then as I get use to each little baby step, I inch forward until I feel comfortable to dive in.

by shanana4, posted 09/20/12 12:58:58

These are amazing and inspiring truths. Thank you for sharing. The God who gave me a creative mind also gives me the tools to conquer the fears I have of stepping away from the norm. With this extraordinary encouragement today I feel ready to pick up those tools and get extraordinarily busy!

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