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November 2016
We here at FestivalNet just had a wonderful time together celebrating our 20th anniversary and coming together as a team to bond and have fun! We're all so excited to continue bringing you the top-notch services you've come to expect from us, and are all so proud of the culture and spirit of peace and love that we've cultivated here.

With that in mind, let this month's article inspire you! Maybe you're building your inventory for the holidays or maybe you're working on your ideas for the new year. Either way, this month's article will help you rededicate yourself to your art.

Happy fall, y'all!
FN Newsletter Editor

Ideas and Inspiration

by Claire Lincoln for Make It University

Finding Inspiration in Old Craft Books

Inspiration is all around us. It is easy to believe that when everything we see and everyone we meet seems to trigger some new and exciting creative idea, so that, as dedicated crafters, we can scarcely wait to hurry back to our homes, studios or workshops to make a start on our latest project. However, sometimes the ideas just don't seem to flow quite so easily. Or perhaps they just feel a little too much like the ideas that everyone else seems to have and you wish you could come up with something new and different. There could be any number of reasons behind a lack of inspiration. Perhaps we are feeling stressed or there is some problem troubling us. In such cases, even simple things like a few yoga stretches or coffee with a good friend could be enough to help life start to appear less overwhelming and may even help us to tap into our well of inspiration once again. Sometimes, however, that well of inspiration just seems to be dry for no obvious reason. It could simply be that we have not exposed ourselves to enough new and exciting ideas for a while. New ideas do not have to be truly new, of course-sometimes the most exciting ideas are really quite old but have been given a new twist to bring them up to date. One of the wonderful things about crafting is that there is a wealth of ideas tucked away in old craft books and magazines-just waiting to be discovered and given a fresh lease of life!

A Timeless Source of Ideas and Inspiration

Whether they are from this century, the previous one, or-if you are lucky enough to find them-any century before that, craft ideas never go out of style. Even if the project you find described in an old book does not appeal to your personal tastes, the techniques that were used to create it might be adapted to give it a modern twist and create something that is both lovely and completely different from what any other crafters might be producing right now. In fact, two crafters might read the same old book and each come away from it inspired with new, but completely differing, ideas. Because crafting techniques are timeless and many of them have been used by humans for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years, if you discover an old, half-forgotten crafting technique and incorporate it into your own work, you could find that you help bring it back into popularity.

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