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 Festival Network Online Newsletter
 Art/Craft Edition  - May 2006

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A note from the editor

Hey Artists and Craftspeople,

Hope your summer season has been a success so far.  

This article is about the benefit of collecting your customer's contact information in order to keep them coming back to future shows.   Hope you enjoy it.

Take care!

Mailing Lists
How to Keep your Customers Updated

A well-built, well-maintained mailing list can be a powerful marketing tool. Since handmade items show the unique style of its creator, artists and craftspeople can easily develop a mailing list of loyal followers interested in their creations.

Types of Lists -
An email mailing is an inexpensive/free and easy way to keep your customers informed about your work. Snail-mail mailings can be a great way to target customers who may not be online.

How to Build a Mailing List -
It's very important to make your list an opt-in mailing. This means that you ask your customers if they would like to be added to your mailings before adding their information. As you gather information, you can organize, access, and update it easily in a spreadsheet or database.

    * Anytime someone makes a purchase, ask if they would like to receive periodic mailings. You may be surprised at how many people want to follow your work!
    * If you attend craft shows, you can let browsers know about your mailing list when they seem interested in your products but are not ready to make a purchase.
    * Develop a form on your Web site to gather information from visitors.
    * Put a checkbox on ordering forms (digital and paper) asking customers if they would like to be informed about product updates.

What Information to Collect -
Customer name, address, city, state, zip code and an email address are all things you should keep in your list. Even if your mailings will be only through email, it can be helpful to know regional information so you can inform customers when you'll be in their area.

What to Send -
Keep your subscribers informed of new products, specials, where you will be displaying your work and any other information relevant to news about your products. If you will be attending a show in a certain area, be sure to send a targeted mailing to subscribers in that area. Including coupons and show specials can be very effective in regional mailings.

How Often -
How often you send mailings depends on how often you have relevant, newsworthy information to send. Email mailings should be sent at least once every couple of months. Regular mail should be sent at least once or twice a year. Regional mailings should be sent whenever you will be attending shows.

Article provided by:
William Lasley owns a retail/wholesale craft manufacturing business and writes for's Arts and Crafts Guide.

Newsletter editor: Julie M. Cochrane
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