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 Festival Network Online Newsletter
 Art/Craft Edition  - March 2006

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A note from the editor

Hey Artists and Craftspeople,

Happy Spring!  Steve Popkin of The Thriving Artist explains this month the more well-known your name is, the better chance you'll have at selling that piece at a higher price.  Steve offers a course in how to make a living with your art: "My course gives you all the tools you need to immediately start making good money selling your artwork, no matter what type of artist you are." 

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Make Your Name and Raise Your Prices!

It is very difficult to sell your artwork for big money until your name becomes recognized in the collectors' community. Considering the amount of artists in every genre of art, your work needs to make a statement. In other words people need to fall in love with it.

This could happen in two ways... First, they absolutely love your work even though they never heard of you. The problem here is that they have to justify in their mind why your work is as expensive as a more well known artist. An artist, whose work may appreciate in value over time on the secondary market. You, as a newcomer in the field (not being known that is), cannot necessarily guarantee that your work will increase in value. Why should they spend a lot of money on work that has no secondary market? Secondly, Your name becomes recognized as an up and coming artist. People will begin looking for your early works for they believe it will increase in value as your name becomes more familiar.

Now for the real question... How do you make your name become known? Well, you have to start somewhere. You need to get your work in the hands of buyers and collectors. You need to make yourself known. If you wait for the market to find out about may be long gone before your pieces command the prices you hope for. Look at some of the greatest artists of all time to see if this is true.

Also remember that they did not have access to the world as we do today with the advent of the internet. In a moment we can reach people in every corner of the world with a click of a button. That being said, by being creative we can increase our name recognition and thus raise the prices we attain for our work. We, ourselves, need to create the "buzz" about our work. You can't rely on galleries, agents, promises from well intentioned people...we need to do it. That's if we want to receive the big paychecks for individual pieces we make. That being said, there are also ways to make a great living by selling less expensive pieces in quantity. But, that's an individual choice and another option.

Article provided by:
Steve Popkin, owner of the website
Learn the secrets most artists and craftsmen will never know about selling artwork in his complimentary e-course

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