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Why Your Online Presence is Important
Why Your Online Presence is Important
by Kurt Irmiter, Julie Cochrane, and Jackie Bagwell of FestivalNet


You never know who might be looking for you or someone else with a similar name and where they might be looking all across the Net. What do you want people to see when they find you, on purpose or by accident? If you are a company, individual or group selling any kind of product or service this IS important.


So I'm helping the nephew of a friend with his evolving music career. We are having an email discussion about how to get booked into festivals. I'm trying to answer a question he has, and I need to know his zip code. His name is Katlin Owen, and I know he has a FestivalNet profile. So I pop over to the FNO community, and type in "katlin." Below is what pops up. Whose profile do you want to click on first? Suppose you're looking for another Katlin or some group or company with katlin in the name. You are instantly drawn to the better looking profile, even if that's not specifically who you are looking for! Then, and even more importantly, what will the viewer find if they are specifically searching for your profile?




Ranking high in the search engines is what every business with an online presence strives for. When you have a full and informative profile at, it can grow your SEO (search engine optimization) rank when people are looking for your business or name via the search engines. Even if you have a website of your own, utilizing your FestivalNet profile gives you a broader reach. The world wide web is a ginormous place! Take advantage of the web real estate on our website, which already ranks fantastically and has over 750,000 visitors monthly. Because our website has been firmly established since 1996 as a leader in the North American festival industry, your profile on FestivalNet helps boost your online presence. Maybe a customer or fan will enter your name and a festival they saw you at into their search bar, seeking to track you down. If you have that event listed in your FestivalNet calendar, the search engines will rank your profile because of the match on your name and the event! SEO works by looking for the small details. Be sure to use the keywords of your product/service in a lengthy and informative bio. Do the same in captions of photos & in your calendar. Make use of all of the areas in your profile/EPK. And be sure to always use quality photos, videos, music and other content you add to your profile.



Another important point to keep in mind when considering your online presence is out-dated info. When you're looking at getting an important booking, doing an interview, or applying for a job, there's a good chance you're going to be Googled. The last thing you want is for that interviewer to include some bad poetry or old photos you left on MySpace back in 2004. You want to keep any profiles you have out there as current as possible.


Recently, my fiance was changing careers, and realized just how important it is to stay on top of info about him that's easily accessible on the web. After doing a couple of Google searches, we realized there were profiles from over a decade ago that listed conflicting information about his employment history, some even stated he was still in college, others had old online journal entries chronicling the kind of thoughts and feelings you wouldn't want your future employer finding. After a couple days of removing old, inactive profiles, the information that came up about him was in the clear, but we ran into another problem. Apparently there was another fellow that had the same name as him, but had higher SEO rankings for his video game speed runs. So after all that work, he may still be mistaken for someone who plays video games for a living. And while that fellow's work was impressive, it wasn't what we wanted my fiance's future employers to mistake him for doing. To solve this problem, we took some time to make the biographies on any active profiles of his clear that he was the prospective employee they were looking for. We even made him his own site detailing his work history, ethic, and characteristics. We used some SEO tricks to get this site ranking up pretty high in the search results, and it accomplished its goal. His now current employers did mistakenly think he held the high record for Doom speed runs at first, and they were soon informed otherwise, but they were highly impressed by how much clear, positive, and relevant information there was out there about him. He clenched a competitive position by making sure the information his employers were able to access about him was up-to-date and informative.



All in all, your online presence can make or break it for you in many different situations. The age we live in depends very heavily on the use of the internet for information. When you set out to build a profile, make sure it stands out. Adding specific keywords, detailed information, and media can help your profile reach the top of search results. And it's always a good idea to search your name in search engines at least every six months to be sure the information you're leaving out there isn't misinformation. If you ever have questions about updating your profile, or need help getting your info on FestivalNet, just let us know!




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