A Commissary Serves a Variety of Functions

March 2013

Do you have a commissary for your business? This month, Barb Fitzgerald will help you recognize what purposes your commissary can serve.

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A Commissary Serves a Variety of Functions in a Food Concession Business
by Barb Fitzgerald of foodbooth.net

A concession business usually includes a commissary - a place to store and service equipment and stock between events. The commissary of a concessionaire who serves a simple menu may be something as easy as a little floor space in the corner of the garage, where, he or she has installed some shelving to store extra cases of product. However, concessionaires who operate complex operations, with large and diverse menus, need a space that functions as an equipment warehouse, stock warehouse, repair shop, and vehicle yard. Concessionaires often use what they have at home to serve this function, such as, their garage, shop or shed, and parking area, where their large collection of food service equipment and support vehicles is kept and serviced. This collection almost always includes standard equipment like grills, deep fryers, steam tables, and propane burners. With these four basic pieces a concessionaire can sell almost anything; from hamburgers, hot dogs, curly fries, elephant ears, stir fry, sausage for breakfast, and more. In fact, most dishes sold on the midway are prepared with one of these four pieces of food service equipment. The warehoused collection of equipment will also include ice chests, freezers, beverage and condiment dispensers, utensils, sneeze guards, tent poles and canvases, signs, propane tanks, water hoses, electric cords, floor mats, pop canisters, garbage cans, dish washing tubs, and much, much more.

Also in storage will be food stock. A collection of freezers might hold cases of stir fry noodles, diced chicken, hamburger patties and corn dogs. On shelves will be non-perishable items like cases of nacho chips, cans of nacho cheese, hamburger buns, cans of ketchup, and beverage mix.

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