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May 2017

Your food booth sign is like your first impression, and it had better be a good one! Read on to learn how important your signage can be.

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Wow Them With Your Signage

Barb Fitzgerald

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Hands down, one of my favorite times of the day is after the booth is closed when I trot off to the camper, crack open my favorite snack (chocolate), and get down to counting the money. That is, unless sales were poor. Then, I can't wait to finish the day so I can slink away to scrub the big capital "L" off my forehead in private.

There are hundreds of principles and variations of principles that influence the success of a food booth at any given event. Many are controlled by the coordinator, such as booth location, booth/attendance ratio, duplication of menus, and overall organization and promotion of the event. There are many more principles that are controlled by the vendor, such as; your menu, how well you promote your menu, booth presentation, quality of service and product, efficiency, pricing, and expanding your customer base by consistently returning to the same event. There are still other principles that are out of everyone's hands, such as the weather and local economy. It's my opinion that, in this business, the four most important factors that influence sales are: signage, booth location, menu, and operational efficiency. Of those four, three (signage, menu, and operational efficiency) are entirely within your control.

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In addition to increasing our affiliate commission to $10 a pop this spring, we now have an updated website look!

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Our Giving Tree supports organizations working to make the world a better place. FestivalNet Staff members take turns selecting organizations to receive a percentage of our gross revenues. We have a unique circumstance this month, in that the request to include this charity came directly from a FestivalNet member. The Freedom Fidos organization rescues dogs from local shelters, and spends up to two years training them to be support animals. Afterwards, the support dog is off to its new home with a veteran or child in need.

To learn more about our Giving Tree program and to see past donation recipients, please visit this page.


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