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July 2019

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Catchy descriptions, mouth-watering photos and an attractive layout are important for a good menu. Trouble is, none of them drive profitability so you're missing a key ingredient. Read on for tips on keeping satisfied customers and increasing menu profitability.

For many of us, life without our four-leggeds would be unthinkable. Now, imagine this: having to choose between leaving an abusive situation or staying to protect your pet, because no shelter will take you both. Noah's Animal House is on a mission to remove the 'No Pets Allowed' sign from all domestic abuse shelters. Find out more about this non-profit, below.

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Boosting Your Food Truck's Menu Profitability
By Richard Myrick for Mobile Cuisine 

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Your menu's pricing is the most important factor in determining profitability. It's what generates 100% of the revenue for most food vendors. So, it's critical that you invest time in developing a definitive strategy to build menu profitability.

Gather data

The first step is to know your current menu offerings: how many of which items you're selling, at what time and what location. Use point-of-sale data to understand demand for items and how the product's volume compares to its overall profitability.

Know your costs

Not all of the items on your menu are created equal... in profitability. Unless you know exactly what you're paying for each dish, you won't really know your money-makers, which items you should suggest more often, the items on which you should raise prices, or which items you might consider dropping altogether. A good first step in figuring out your real costs is to update your inventory list with accurate, current prices.

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The FestivalNet Giving Tree

In a national survey, 85% of women seeking safety in a domestic violence shelter reported pet abuse in their home. That means too many women face the unimaginable choice of leaving their pet behind to be tortured or killed by the abuser they are trying to flee, simply because most shelters don’t welcome animals.

After a wake up call back in 2005, one domestic violence shelter in Nevada vowed to change that. Since then, Noah’s Animal House has cared and protected over 1,500 pets for 100,000 boarding nights.

Our CFO and passionate pet lover, Connie, chose Noah’s Animal House to receive a portion of’s gross profits this month. See all our apples up on our Giving Tree page!

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