Is That Long Line Helping or Hurting You?

August 2015

It's not always a great idea to keep your customers waiting. This month, Chris Ford has some very helpful advice about what a long line does for your food business.

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Is That Long Line Helping or Hurting You?

by Chris Ford of

The hallmark of a successful food truck is typically its ability to consistently maintain long lines of customers at the order window. Long lines play a significant role in the psychology behind a food truck.

They validate the chef’s incredible culinary talents, they're a beacon to other potential customers, hailing "try this amazing food," and they usually mean money in the food truck operator's bank… Usually.

Long lines can say something else, and this truth can sometimes hurt. They can be a testament of under-staffing, disorganization, complicated menus, and poor preparation. Most of these paint a picture of a lack of experience.

While a group of people, standing around the order window is an essential "window display" in attracting customers, unreasonable wait times can result in lower sales and increased waste.

Customers are willing to wait for something they see a value in. In most cases, gourmet food trucks are known for their elevated food experience with fresh, organic or locally grown ingredients, and their unique menus.

"It better be worth the wait."

The key is first developing an efficient and profitable menu, then focusing on execution. Sounds simple, doesn't it? If customers are complaining that they're waiting too long for a meal, or if you're not selling as many covers you think you should, then it's obviously not as simple as you may have thought.

Bottom line, keep the menu simple, easy to prep, and efficient, and design an organized kitchen with a well-trained staff to maintain a consistent crowd of customers that turns over frequently.

Is it worth the wait?

It's all about logistics. Operating a food truck limits the number of menu items that can be served. This is actually a food truck's greatest strength. Fewer menu items means fewer items to prepare, and manageable food costs.

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