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September 2019

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"There's no such thing as the perfect line, the trick is to convince people they're being treated fairly." --Dr. Richard Larson, Queueing Theorist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

You don't need Larson to tell you long lines, which seem to stand still, are bad for your food business. Moving customers are happy customers! Some tips for getting the flow back, below.

Nine years ago, an earthquake in Haiti left hundreds of thousands of people dead, injured or homeless. Two Marines, frustrated by the slow response of traditional aid agencies, gathered what volunteers they could and put their boots on the devastated ground. Today, Team Rubicon is in the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Read more about the life-saving work these amazing veterans, first responders and medical professionals do, below.

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How to Get Your Food Truck Queues to Move Faster
By Richard Myrick for Mobile Cuisine

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At some point we all find ourselves standing in line. Never fun, but it feels better if it moves at a nice clip. The thing is, you can get the same effect by making the line appear to move quickly. Managing appearances means managing your customer’s perceptions. Here’s how:

Queue Management

  • Be sure to have a line, not a crowd, standing in front of your service window. An orderly progression towards the service window gives customers a sense of calm.
  • Keep your queues narrow. Single file lines move more quickly.
  • Arrange the line so those waiting can see the person currently being served. Watching another customer being served makes your place in line appear closer. When the actual service is out of site, your turn can seem miles away.

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The FestivalNet Giving Tree

In 49 BC when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River at the head of his legions and marched on Rome, it marked a point of no return.

In 2010, crossing over the Artibonite River, the natural border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, a small team of eight volunteers called themselves "Team Rubicon" in reference to that historic event. By crossing their Rubicon, the team acknowledged they were irrevocably committed to helping those in need.

Today, Team Rubicon is thousands of volunteers strong and continues its commitment to helping underserved communities impacted by disasters, both abroad and at home.

Our CEO, Kurt, chose Team Rubicon to receive a portion of FestivalNet's gross profits this month. See all our apples up on our Giving Tree page!

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