Must-Do Ideas for Your Food Business

November 2016

We here at FestivalNet just had a wonderful time together celebrating our 20th anniversary and coming together as a team to bond and have fun! We're all so excited to continue bringing you the top-notch services you've come to expect from us, and are all so proud of the culture and spirit of peace and love that we've cultivated here.

Ready to take your mobile food business to the next level? Check out this month's tips for some great ideas!

Happy Fall, Y'all!
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Must-Do Ideas for Your Food Business

by Kim Bayne of Street Food Files

To gain a competitive edge and a customer's attention, food truck owners must find new ways to be clever, creative or original. I'm often smiling at a newly discovered food truck's ingenuity, which is why I've decided to recognize these bits of business-savvy whimsy. Here we go..

1. Pick a memorable food truck name or theme.

Double entendres, homonyms and other types of wordplay are food truck tricks worth repeating. Think clean, plus funny and/or pun-ny, and you've got the idea. Yes, I said clean, because you want families to stop by for dinner.

Awards in the homonym category go to Arizona's Pizza Daux, Colorado's Basic Kneads Pizza and Utah's TheCurryer.

My latest "fun with words" discovery is Ba-NOM-a-NOM, a vegan frozen treat truck in Fort Collins, Colorado. Just saying the name makes me laugh. I picture a little kid chowing down on yummy food ("nom nom nom") while singing along to Muppet Tonight (Ep. 107, the "Mahna Mahna" skit) with Sandra Bullock.

No clue? Say the name out loud. You'll get it on the way home, and you won't forget the name of the truck, either.

2. Invite orders by text message.

People want everything faster these days. Still, you're a food truck and most customers don't have to wait in long lines, unless you're working a busy metro street corner or slinging hash en masse at a huge gathering. You say that's the norm? Okay, then. But even if your customers casually stroll up to your window to place an order, check out this next trick.

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