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 Commercial Vendors Edition  - April 2006

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A note from the editor...

Hey Commercial Exhibitors and Food Vendors,

In case you haven't seen it yet, I wanted to bring to your attention a new feature called 'The S List' where we expose promoters out there not holding up their end of the bargain with exhibitors.  We have stopped listing their shows and want to encourage people to always get references when working with a promoter you are not familiar with.

Also, we have launched a new rating feature where we encourage you to rate promoters!  Next time you are doing a search in the FNO database and are viewing the search results, check out the promoter rating box underneath the show rating feature.  Let us know if you have any questions.

This month, I selected an article about how to buy wholesale and whether one should obtain a business license or tax ID.  Enjoy.

Take care!

Wholesale Myth: Do I Need A Business License Or Tax ID?

One of the myths that is still prevailing in the wholesale business is the "business license and tax I.D need" in order to achieve wholesale success. It is a big mistake to get such an opinion as a fact and then making such message viral all across the Internet.

First of all, getting a business license ID is a true necessary step to make when you plan to incorporate your wholesale or reselling business.  In my advance wholesale business opinion, it is important to get a business license if you plan to sell one hundred thousand dollars a month in sales from a retail, wholesale or reselling business. However, there is no need to get a business license when there are many wholesalers and distributors that can cut you deals for wholesale merchandise in single or in bulk amounts legally.

There are different laws that regulate the reselling and wholesale business in many states in the USA, however, that is not an implication that you need a business license to sell wholesale merchandise.

For example: Check out wholesaler, such wholesale giant has been around for decades and they don’t require you to have a business license or tax ID in order to resell their wholesale merchandise.

Most of the wholesalers that have a website require you to enter a tax identification number, business license or both. One of the techniques I use to eliminate this kind of hassles to immediately establish a business relationship with them is to call them directly at the phone given in their website.

I then immediately notify the wholesaler that I am highly interested in knowing the wholesale prices of such products they have in their catalog in order to have an instant buying conclusion for making business with them today.

More than 90% of the time, they will send you their wholesale catalog through the mail or they will give you a username and password to access the prices in their site for immediate business. You can start buying directly from the wholesaler or distributor online or by phone without owning a business license or tax identification number.

Article provided by: 
Joaquin Reveron,, a wholesale business consultant for many rising small businesses and marketing advisor for online and offline wholesale deals. This article is distributed by:

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