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 Festival Network Online Newsletter
Commercial Vendors Edition
            January 2007

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A note from the editor

Hey Commercial Exhibitors and Food Vendors,

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Reminder: I am having a difficult time finding resources for commercial exhibitors and food vendors.  If any of you have suggestions for me, please send me an email.   This month I bring you another article from Robert with with advice on the common question: vending cart or concession trailer?

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Happy New Year!

Vending Carts or Food Concession Trailer – That Is The Question?

Deciding whether to enter the food service business with a vending cart or food concession trailer can be a difficult choice.

During the course of a week I receive one similar question time and time again; “Should I start my business with a concession trailer or a vending cart?”.

The answer to the question is subject to a lot of things, but at the end of the day, if this is someone’s first venture into the food service industry then I usually recommend a vending cart.

For the individual who has little or no experience in the food service industry, a vending cart is a much easier and much more economical entry point than a concession trailer.  Used vending carts can be purchased for as little as $3K and depending on the food service that the person wants to offer, little if any food cooking or preparation experience is required.  Many vending carts are little more than freezers on wheels, offering ice cream, Italian ices and popsicles.  Others are food warmers, offering hotdogs, pretzels and other hot, pre-prepared foods.  The more complex carts are barbeques on wheels, allowing the operator to cook items to order such as hamburgers, sausages, hotdogs, and spareribs.

In recent years, vending cart franchises have started, offering the budding entrepreneur a supposedly proven methodology to a specific product.  Along with the methodology comes training in everything from the item(s) to be sold to an education on finding venues and bookkeeping skills.

Article by:
Robert Berman owner of the website
The only website and forum exclusively for food concession, vending cart and mobile catering businesses

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