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Festival Network Online Newsletter Commercial/Food Vendor Edition -  April 2008
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A note from the editor

Hello FNO Exhibitors and Food Vendors,

Commercial vendors may appreciate this month's article on selling products faster.

Food vendors, remember to check out our Partner Mobile Catering and Food Concession Business.    Remember if you learn of helpful resources for food vendors, send them my way!

Best wishes!
Julie Cochrane
FNO Marketing
Festival Network Online
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10 Ways To Sell Your Products Faster  By Anton Cheranev

Art Calendar Web Seminar

1. Give people a deadline to order. Tell people if they order by Jan 28, 2000 they will get a discount or free bonuses. This will create an urgency so they don't put off buying.

2. Offer people a money back guarantee. The longer the guarantee the more effective it will be. It could be a 30 day, 60 day, 1 year, or lifetime guarantee.

3. Offer a free on-site repair service for products you sell. This is convenient for people because they won't have to send it away for repair and they won't have to be without the product for a long period of time.

4. Publish testimonials on your ad copy. They will give your business credibility and you'll gain peoples trust. It's important to include the persons full name and location with the testimonial.

5. Give people free bonuses when they order your product or service. The free bonuses could be books, jewelry, reports, newsletters, etc.

6. Allow people to make money reselling the product or service. Tell people they can join your affiliate program, if they order. You could pay them per sale, per click, per referral, etc.

7. Offer free 24 hour help with all products you sell. Allow customers to ask you questions by e-mail, by toll free phone, by free fax, etc.

8. Provide free shipping with all orders. If you can't afford it, you could offer free shipping on orders over a specific dollar amount.

9. Give away a free sample of your product. You will gain people's trust when you allow them to try out a free sample of your product. If they like it they won't hesitate buying it.

10. Offer a buy one get one free deal. If you sell more than one product this type of deal works great. People will feel they are getting more for their money and order quicker.

Anton Cheranev
Article Source:

FNO Featured Artist - Cindy Walker

Cindy Walker
FNO Member Cindy Walker is April's Featured Artist.  An oil and acrylic painter, Cindy can be found at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival this April 25-27 in Denton, Texas.

The Blue Bonnets piece evokes a sweet calming effect with the blue and green palate within the painting.  The bright coral helps to balance out that calming effect and sets a better balance within the work.

Cindy Walker Aspens in the FallCindy's "Aspens in the Fall" piece features good repetition and rhythm within the trunks of the trees, but also creates a bit of chaos and tension throughout with the color scheme. 

Please visit Cindy's website for her biography and more paintings.

Email Julie Cochrane if you are interested in appearing here. 
(Please put "FNO Artist Feature" in subject line)

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