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 Commercial Vendors Edition  - September 2005

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A note from the editor...

This month, we hear from a financial expert who reveals the key ingredient to selling: knowing your product.  He presents ideas and suggestions for you, the commercial exhibitor and food vendor, to ensure more sales.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Know Your Product Before You Sell It

Product knowledge is by far the most important key ingredient to posses when it comes to selling your product.

Before you sell your product, make sure you know it inside and out, you wouldn’t want to be caught without an answer if your prospect had a specific question.

Think about it, if you were interested in buying a product from someone and they couldn’t answer your simplest of questions about the product, how much faith would you have in it? Probably none.

Here are a few tips on how to get to know your product better:

1. Brochures and Literature

Obtain as much written information as you possibly can on your product. Read up on the features and benefits your product offers until you know them by heart. Keep reading until you can roll every detail off the tip of your tongue including any fee’s associated with the product.

Also, keep your brochures handy, open them up in front of your customer and go over the details of your product step by step. Customers love visuals.

2. Roll Play

Role playing is a fun way to get to know your products. You will need two of your associates to help you out with this.  You play the salesman, have one of your co-workers play the customer, and have one of your co-worker’s critiquing you. 

Have your co-worker playing the customer ask as many questions about the product as he can possibly think of. When you are finished, go over the sales session with the person that critiqued you.

Also, take turns playing each character, playing the customer can give you a great perspective on their point of view. Think about it, how often are you the customer when it comes to buying your companies products? Never.

3. Use the Product

This is perhaps the best way to get to know a product. To actually own, have, and use the product, not only gives you the ability to know it inside and out, you will also be able to tell your customer that you have and use the product, and how wonderful you think it is. This will tell the customer how much you believe in the product and that you have confidence in it.

One of the worst mistakes a sales person can possibly make is to be unprepared.

Take a few minutes out of every day to get to know your products better. Make learning about them fun with the role playing, and concentrate most on the products you know least about.

Remember, the more you know about your product, the easier it will be to sell. Good luck.

Article provided by:
Jay Conners
Fifteen years of experience in the banking and mortgage industry.
Owner of the website and - Reprinted with permission.
Article Source: Isnare

Musician Newsletter Editor
Food and Commercial Newsletter Editor
Julie M. Cochrane

Artist/Crafter Newsletter Editor
Diane Elliott Bruckner

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