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Festival Network Online Newsletter Commercial/Food Vendor Edition -  September 2007

Craft Show Success

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A note from the editor

Hello FNO Exhibitors and Food Vendors,

Commercial vendors, visit this month's art/craft newsletter for tips at increasing profits!

Food vendors, this month I offer you some tips at becoming more environmentally conscious at festivals.  Hope you find it useful. 

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Festival Vendor Tips on Waste Education

  • Store napkins behind the counter: Give only one per customer.
  • Limit use of disposables (plasticware, napkins, etc.).
  • Use "pump" condiment dispensers (refillable) instead of small packets.
  • Rethink food containers (i.e. is paper lining in addition to cardboard baskets necessary).
  • Offer a reusable drink container and discounted refills.
  • Do not dispense straws or lids.
  • Use reusable containers to transport food to the festival site.
  • Use washable cloth towels or sponges to clean up behind the counter.
  • Use recycled products made from the highest post-consumer waste percentage possible.
  • When disposable items are necessary, buy recycled and unbleached paper.
  • Save food waste for animal consumption or composting.
  • Donate leftovers to area shelters.
  • Offer smaller portions to reduce food waste by consumers with "eyes bigger than their stomachs."
  • Use non-toxic cleaners and buy cleaners in bulk, or use concentrates.
  • Ask your suppliers to transport products without corrugated boxes, or in reusable boxes.
  • Share little used items with neighboring vendors.
  • Avoid bringing more than you have to.
  • Come up with additional ways you can reduce waste and save money and implement them.
  • Encourage your employees to be creative in coming up with ideas to reduce waste.

FNO Featured Artist - Elizabeth Ann Hubbard

I quickly came to love Elizabeth Ann Hubbard's driftwood & natural element assemblages.  I have a difficult time writing about her style because it is so natural and raw, objects in this state really do speak for themselves.

Nature in and of itself has esoteric meanings for people, and Hubbard's use of natural objects as mediums for art is a  dual-powered impetus.

Her work is soothing, meditative, and simple.  The one on the left, "Building" is a freestanding piece and the artist speaks of her work with a feeling of intuitive empathy for the wood's life.

"Life's Layers" is the second piece I have selected.  "The multi-faceted complexities of the natural world are reflected in this work," says Hubbard.

Complex indeed.  Rungs of a ladder, or ribs from a spine, this wall hanging exemplifies movement towards or away from minimalism, innocence, the simultaneous and essentially independent processes of birth and death.

Visit her website:
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