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January 2010
Hi FNO member!
Happy New Year! We hope 2010 is off to a bright start for you. This month, we conclude the 2 part article from Penny Dionne of Little Vixen Music Publishing and 22-year Nashville music veteran Troy McConnell about breaking into the song plugging business. We'd also like to remind you to visit the FNO Community Forums and and connect with musicians, performers & others in the festival industry. Stop by today and share your tips on following up with potential gigs.

The Five Key Steps to Songplugging (Part 2)
by Penny Dionne & Troy McConnell

This article is continued from last month. If you missed the first part, you may view it here.

Making the Pitch:
This usually involves getting your songs to the artist or someone in the artist's camp by email, uploaded link, drop-off or face-to-face meeting. Read more

FNO Tip of the Month

Email follow up - an email blast to a couple dozen festivals (or 50 or 100) is not a bad way to start, but this alone will not lead to a string of festival gigs!

Before you send out your next email blast, here's some steps to consider:

  • First, find out if there is a submission process - check the event's web site or call them.
  • If they require an application or have some other process, follow it! Sending a blind email may only hurt your chances of a booking.
  • If there is not an application process, sending an initial email expressing interest is a good starting point, but always make a follow up phone call.
  • This is true for any action you take for which there has been no response. If you send an email, submit an application, call to inquire about their booking process - follow up in a week or so with a phone call if you do not get a reply. Be professional and respectful, but call them back.
Good luck and happy booking!

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Products & Resources related to your work - Take the Survey

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