What Being an Opening Act Means for You
February 2017

Considering accepting a gig as an opening act? Take a gander at Sheena Metal's point of view to help you decide!

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Opening Acts... Does Playing Before a Rock Star Make You One?

by Sheena Metal

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It's the dream of many a musician to open up for either: their favorite band or the favorite band of their childhood. For many, the ultimate in true rock star status is to share a stage with the musicians who made you want to play music in the first place.. to see your name in lights (or printed on a flyer, as the case may be) with the guys (or gals) whose music you listen to almost as much as (if not more than) your own.

But is it really a good idea, as an unsigned artist, to open up for an act already known to the general public? Will you get anywhere near the recognition opening up for "Pearl Jam" in a large venue that you would at a local club playing with other unsigned bands? Will your fans dig your music as hard as ever or will they forget all about you in a mad frenzy to have Eddie Vedder sign their backs?

It's a double-edged sword that many artists forget to think over carefully before rushing starry-eyed into the excitement of being the opening act for: (Insert Name Of Famous Rock Star Here). In many cases, venues and promoters still expect your crowd to turn out and drink it up at shows, even though the headliner will draw a big crowd of their own. Many of these shows are an hour plus away from your local area and tickets can be upwards of $100. Is that something you can expect your friends will be up for?

And then there's the issue of press. Do you dare ask a reviewer to come out and cover your show and expect that a large portion of your article won't be about how "Pearl Jam rocks!" You score local radio play only to have the DJ announce the show and play, "Alive." Sometimes opening up for a signed act can make an unsigned artist feel even more invisible than usual.

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