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April 2018

Back in the old days, musicians put printed (!) bios, photos, press clippings, tour schedules, contact info and an actual CD into a folder which got (snail) mailed to important people! Known as a press kit, it was the way musicians reached out to agents, venues, and the press.

Then the internet came along. Bye-bye cumbersome folder. Hello streamlined EPK. Now, you compile all that same info into a single webpage called an Electronic Press Kit. One keystroke later, it's delivered to the inboxes of all those important people! Make it worth their while to open your EPK with the tips below.

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EPK Essentials: What You Need to Create a Buzz-Worthy Press Kit
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If you are a musician trying to get booked, or get featured in a publication or blog, chances are you will need an Electronic Press Kit. We've outlined the things you must have in your EPK, as well as, some common hosting options to consider.


Your music should be featured prominently in your EPK. Venues and talent buyers will need to hear your music to make sure it will fit with the sound they are looking for, and writers won’t be able to write about your music unless they can hear it!

It's standard to have your music available to stream first, and then an option to download. Most people in the music industry don’t have time to wait for your file to download, and might be wary to download an attachment from a person they don’t know. So make it easy for them to stream your music, and then give them the option to download it if they really want to.

Soundcloud is a great platform for this. It's easy (and free) to upload your tracks, and you can even make them available for download. They also have a player that is embeddable in most websites, so you can place your music on whatever hosting option you choose.


A great way to show off what you've got as a musician is through video. Featuring a great live performance video or a really well done music video can make the difference between an EPK that gets passed over and one that stands out to promoters and press.


You probably already have a bio for your band. But your EPK should have at least 2 versions of that bio. A shorter version (a paragraph) that is featured prominently in your EPK, and an expanded version (4+ paragraphs) that is available by clicking through to expand the bio (or to a different page) and/or available for download.


Every EPK needs to feature some high quality, professional band photos. You should have them displayed on the site, as well as easily available for download.


What would an electronic press kit be without some actual press? Pick a few quotes from any write-ups you've gotten. Choose quotes that have lots of descriptive language, or that come from a reputable source. If you don’t have press yet, don't sweat it. That's what this EPK is for!

Contact Information

You need to make sure that your EPK makes it very easy to get in touch with you. Make it very clear exactly who should be contacted for booking, press, or more general inquiries.

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