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June 2018

12 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes (and Engagement) For Your Musician Page
By Ari for Ari's Take

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Everyone knows Likes can be bought and you look foolish if your engagement is well below the number of Likes you have. But more importantly, buying Likes will reduce your actual organic reach. Here are 12 quick and simple ways to drastically improve your Facebooking.

1) Upload Videos To Facebook

Facebook now has 4 billion video views A DAY. FB prioritizes a Facebook-uploaded video over a YouTube embedded video (not to mention that Facebook videos automatically play in the newsfeed). And, now that Facebook is starting to roll out video monetization at the same payment rate YouTube offers (55%), you can start making some moola on your viral videos.

2) Post Photos of YOU, Often

The reason Instagram has exploded is not because of their video feature. It's because of the high quality photo offerings. Feel free to link your Instagram to your Facebook Page. Because Facebook owns Instagram they make this sharing seamless. (Do NOT, however, link your Twitter to Facebook or vice versa.) Definitely post photos giving your fans a peek 'behind the scenes', but make sure YOU are in the photo.

3) Feature A Video

One of the most underutilized features is the FB Featured Video. Once you have videos uploaded you can select one to feature. It will then show up on your profile on the left hand side directly below About. It will be the first thing people see when visiting your Page. And most people will click this first - so feature a music video, live performance video or your EPK. Watching a high quality video is the easiest way for someone to be introduced to your music. So, make sure you have high quality videos made!

4) Make a Music Tab

BandPage is still the industry standard for the easiest way to stream music on your Facebook page. ReverbNation, CD Baby and BandCamp also have nice players. You can title the tab "Music" or "Music and Videos”. People aren't going to Like your Page if they can't listen to your music. Stream full songs! The days of the 90 second preview are long behind us.

5) Add a Tour Tab

Fans will visit your Facebook Page to find lots of info about your project. Don't make it difficult for them to listen to your music, watch videos OR find out when and where you're touring. BandsInTown is the industry standard Facebook tour tab app. However, SongKick and ReverbNation have decent Facebook tour apps as well.

6) Fill Out All The Info

When someone first lands on your Facebook Page is when they will spend the most time browsing around and figuring out if they want to give you a Like or not. In addition, I often turn to Artists' Facebook Pages to find contact info, label/management info and bios. Fill out every form in the About section.

7) Personalize Your Posts

No one likes to see generic posts "from management." Those are boring, cold and detached. They want to see posts from the artist whether it's photos, videos, commentary or links. So personalize it!

8) Stick To Your Brand

If you're a politically focused act, constantly write conscious songs and your fanbase falls pretty close to your political leanings, then by all means write political commentary and post links to political articles.. However, if your music isn't political and you're not an activist, don't confuse (or alienate) your audience by shoving your political beliefs down their throats. This doesn't mean don't showcase your personality. By all means do! But keep it relevant to who you, as an artist, are.

9) Invite Your Friends

Seems like a no brainer, but once your Facebook Page is up to snuff (i.e. has the above content) invite all your friends. It's a good idea to do this once a year. Don't over do it. You can easily do this (today) by clicking the three dots next to Share of a Page you manage.

10) Embed A Like Button On Your Website

It's very simple to do. Just go here and grab the code.

11) Post During Business Hours

A new study by Lithium Technologies and Klout reveals the best times to post to Facebook are when people are at work. There is more engagement during business hours. The weekend has a MUCH lower engagement rate. As does the middle of the night, when people are sleeping... duh.

12) Advertise

Finally, if you have a bit of a budget, advertise the posts you want more people to see like video/album releases and tour announcements. You can target very niche groups like males between the ages of 18-25, within 20 miles of St. Louis, who are fans of Alabama Shakes, who have made purchases online within the past month. Yeah, Facebook gets creepily focused.

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