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September 2019

Online audiences are a powerful engine! When people listen online, they can easily share your music far and wide. And it's easy to find out who's listening and where they're from so you can maximize your impact. But too often, a song alone is not enough to tell your full story. Keep reading to find out what else you might want to do.

Nine years ago, an earthquake in Haiti left hundreds of thousands of people dead, injured or homeless. Two Marines, frustrated by the slow response of traditional aid agencies, gathered what volunteers they could and put their boots on the devastated ground. Today, Team Rubicon is in the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Read more about the life-saving work these amazing veterans, first responders and medical professionals do, below.

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Marisa Morgan
FN Newsletter Editor

How to Create a Context for your Music
By Ayla Smith for
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As you plan your digital promotion strategy, one thing to think about is whether contextual content can help connect audiences closer to your music. You can use your own social channels to create a content universe — articles, videos, social posts, and other interactive elements — to drive an emotional connection between your songwriting and your listeners.

image via Paulette Wooten

Here are a few tips for crafting compelling stories to accompany and provide context for your music, online or otherwise.

Be relatable.

You want people to understand and become emotionally invested in what you're saying. Art is such a personal expression, it can sometimes alienate those who haven't had the same experiences. But, you can help connect the dots for them. Using contextual content is a good way to do this.

Identify the essence of what it is you're trying to say — pinpointing the "shareable meaning," if you will — and then find ways to bring that narrative into everything you create: be they truths about love, grief, ambition, embarrassing moments… the list goes on. You want someone to read, listen or watch and say, "Oh, wow, yep… that's me."

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The FestivalNet Giving Tree

In 49 BC when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River at the head of his legions and marched on Rome, it marked a point of no return.

In 2010, crossing over the Artibonite River, the natural border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, a small team of eight volunteers called themselves "Team Rubicon" in reference to that historic event. By crossing their Rubicon, the team acknowledged they were irrevocably committed to helping those in need.

Today, Team Rubicon is thousands of volunteers strong and continues its commitment to helping underserved communities impacted by disasters, both abroad and at home.

Our CEO, Kurt, chose Team Rubicon to receive a portion of FestivalNet's gross profits this month. See all our apples up on our Giving Tree page!

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