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March 2016

If you want your visitors to be more engaged with your event, you have to engage with them directly, too. This month's article talks about how to make your event more interactive.

Taking a look at other successful events can often help inspire you with your own event. If you haven't checked out the Art Fair Report, now's the time! Read below for more info!

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How to Make Your Event More Interactive

by Stephanie Brenner of Bizzabo

You need a team to organize an event. You can't do everything by yourself. So I don't need to tell you further, how important a team is for your event. Event mismanagement is mostly about team mismanagement. Anyone who hosts an event wants it to really stand out in the participants' minds. The best way for it to be memorable is by designing interactivity into your event. If you can get your attendees involved, they will have a more powerful experience. As a result, they will be more likely to attend your events in the future and recommend their friends or colleagues attend your next event.

There are many ways for your event to be interactive even before the event begins. You can start the engagement by generating buzz pre-event using an event app, creating online networking communities, and designating a hashtag for participants that can be used across all social media platforms.

Creating and distributing conference surveys or conference polls before the event will allow you to gauge the knowledge and interest of your audience. You can also use the poll and survey results to create intentional learning opportunities when conducting live question and answer portions.

Ask the event venue if there are some unique ways of tackling the question and answer portion of the live event (stage, spotlight, using auction paddles, etc.) If you use an event app, you can use automated audience response systems for real-time results. You can use this information to springboard into lively discussions.

During the event, try having areas set up so that you can provide hands-on activities for attendees to try products for themselves or areas where structured demonstrations can be held. If you have engaged event sponsors, give them an opportunity to provide interactive elements as well. Getting the participants involved by testing products or seeing products in action can be beneficial for increased engagement as well as improved sales and brand image.

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