Stress Management and Events

June 2015

Typically, with our articles, we tend to focus on ideas to help make your event the best it can be. This month, however, we're going to dig a little deeper with you, the event promoter. Promoting and managing can both be extremely stressful. This month, we have some great tips for you on how to recognize stress and how to get it under control.

Make sure your shows are up-to-date for the rest of this year! Vendors are already researching events for next year too, so start updating for 2016 as soon as you can! The sooner you get those details out there, the more applications you'll get. Make sure your show is up-to-date for 2015! The sooner you get those details out there, the more applications you'll get.

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Stress Management and Events

by The Writing Team of

Stress is the part and parcel of event management. Every event professional is under constant stress throughout the execution of an event.

While moderate amount of stress is necessary in order to give optimum results, a prolonged stress that exist for weeks, months and some times years can create three types of problems in an individual:

1) Physiological problems like heart diseases, high blood pressure, migraine, diabetes, asthma, obesity, infertility etc.

2) Psychological problems like anxiety, depression, lack of concentration etc.

3) Behavioral problems like sleeplessness, overeating, under eating, absenteeism etc.

As an event manager it is your job to take care of both physiological and psychological health of yourself and your team members. For this find out the signs of stress, causes for stress and then formulate, prepare and implement strategies for coping stress.

Signs of Stress

Common physical symptoms: headaches, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, dizziness, weight gain or loss, insomnia, frequent cold etc

Common emotional symptoms: moodiness, restlessness, depression, general unhappiness, feeling of loneliness and isolation, impatience, Irritability etc.

Common behavioral symptoms: over eating, under eating, sleeping too much or too little, overdoing activities, nail biting, pacing, neglecting responsibilities, isolating oneself from others, drinking too much alcohol, smoking too many cigarettes, taking drugs to relax etc.

Common Cognitive Symptoms: memory loss, lack of concentration, poor judgment, negativity, fearful anticipation etc.

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