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June 2016

Event planning is a lot more than the event itself. This month's article will teach you how to improve and establish yourself as an event planner.

We have a new event listing detail just for you! You can now specify how much of your show is comprised of handmade exhibitors. Read below for more info!

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Tips to Help You Be a Better Event Planner

by Kristy O'Connell

As an event professional, you know that with all of the excitement, creativity, and smiling faces also comes weeks of planning, strategizing, and tying up loose ends.

To make this process less cumbersome and more actionable, we've created this list of actionable business tips that will help you be a better businessperson and a better event organizer.

1. Meditate More, Stress Less

It is no secret that the pressure event organizers face when planning an event can lead to a lot of extra baggage both mentally and physically. From the moment an event is booked, the clock is ticking, and deadlines, last minute adjustments, and the strong drive to go above and beyond often hover over organizers.

These are the types of stresses that can actually hinder you rather than propel you into the right direction, so it's important that you not only take these challenges in stride but that you also remember to care about your own well-being. Not only can stress restrict creativity, but it can also lead to difficulty focusing, to issues completing tasks on-time, and to long-term health problems.

There is no room for counterproductivity in event planning, so we recommend meditating as a way to manage work-related stress and improve your event planning skills. If meditating isn't for you, we suggest that you find an outlet that focuses your attention elsewhere and facilitates mindful thinking.

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"Handmade Exhibitors" Designation

You can now show vendors and visitors how much of your show is handmade! This new detail in your event listing will help vendors get more info on your show when they contact you to get booked, and will help festival goers know what to expect at your show.

Take a look at your event details under Events > Add/Edit Events to select this detail for your currently listed events. This will be a required field for all newly-listed and updated events. And as always, if you have any questions along the way, just let us know!

The Art Fair Report

We've got an extraordinary new way for you to narrow down which art fairs are the very best, and to take notes on what makes them the best!

Our friends surveyed over 50,000 subscribers, asking "what is America's Best Art Fair?". This 60 page report will help you learn what the art fair patrons really think about the nation's art festivals.
Do you want to know how to make your show a "must attend" event?
Being informed and learning the best practices of successful events is the best way to make the most of your own event.

Inside you'll find:
- Insider information from experts who already know how to produce a successful art fair.
- Our analysis of the extensive results and how to use them to make your show a "best art fair."
- 5 Important Keys to a Successful Art Fair.
- Our 5 favorite ideas for encouraging buyers to attend.
- Bonus podcasts.

We'll be offering this report here at FestivalNet at a fantastic rate. Find out more here!

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