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July 2017

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Getting attendees to your event often comes right down to marketing. In this article, we'll learn some tips on how to get more from your marketing and public relations efforts.

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Making the Most of Your Marketing

by John Owens

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We all talk about Public Relations and marketing like it is a mysterious force somewhere out there that, if harnessed, is the magic that delivers large happy crowds to our annual Fair. It's not that enigmatic. The truth is closer than most of us know. We spend thousands of dollars on marketing, public relations, advertising, branding and imaging to help us deliver our message with outside organizations each year. Has it occurred that we may have neglected a major source of positive public relations and marketing?

Take a long look at your office and facility and ask yourself "what am I missing here?" The item most of us tend to overlook is our most important asset; our employees and Board members. If we can train them to see the big picture and show them how important they are to helping us promote our Fair/facility, we could create a mystique that most events and festivals would envy. People respond in direct proportion to how they are treated. It's very similar to throwing a ball against a wall. The ball bounces off the wall and comes right back at you. If treated well that's the response you will get back. If you're enthusiastic it's contagious and "bounces" back to you. If, on the other hand, these assets are mistreated and overlooked as being a viable and an important aspect to the growth of your Fair you will get a negative "bounce" that becomes counterproductive to everything that your trying to accomplish with your slick marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns. If your message talks about fun, excitement and newness, or says come out to the most fantastic Fair you have ever seen and meanwhile your employees and Board members are bad mouthing each other, the Fair Manager and the Fair because of the negative environment that the office provides for their employees, volunteers and directors, your message becomes diluted and contradictive.

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