10 Steps to Getting Corporate Sponsorship for Your Event

November 2015

In order to throw a really awesome event, you need to have the funds to cover the whole thing. This month's article focuses on how to land the corporate sponsorship you need to put on a killer event.

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10 Steps to Getting Corporate Sponsorship for Your Event

by Ron Strand

This article provides some guidelines for determining the value of a sponsorship, finding prospects, writing a proposal, selling the sponsorship and fulfilling the agreement after the sponsorship is sold. I have broken down this process into the following ten steps:

1. Plan the Event with Sponsors in Mind

When doing your event planning, recognize that corporate sponsorship is a form of brand advertising. The basic intention of sponsorship is to conjure up positive associations between the corporate brand and sports, arts or charity brands (or similar activities) in the mind of the consumer. This is done by naming events or by displaying corporate logos at events or venues and in the media that advertise the event.

Events are often planned and venues are chosen solely based on the needs of the participants and spectators. If possible, chose a venue with the sponsor's needs in mind. You may even go a step further and plan the event with potential sponsors. Ask them how you can accommodate their needs.

2. Identify Your Assets

Walk through the venue and identify all the potential places that a sponsor might advertise their brand name and/or logo. Typical places are banners over entrances, signs visible by passing traffic, backs of spectator seats, booths erected on the site, programs that are used by participants, t-shirts for participants, etc. The potential for logo placement can be just about anything so use your imagination.

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